Meeting Report May 31st, 2023

#428 Meeting Report (May 31, 2023)

Meeting started with Japanese session as hybrid format (In-person & Zoom)

Welcomed 3 guests that demonstrated great enthusiasm, and meeting kicked off with great energy.

Before moving to role introductions, we had multiple role changes and speech order adjustments to accommodate participants availability.

Toastmaster of the Evening, TM J.S., displayed strong leadership and flexibility.

・Word of the Evening:”Greenfield”

…Selected by TM G.F., word is used to describe an area of land that has never had buildings on it before; referring to starting something from scratch.

・Prepared Speech – English

■TM K.I.:”Okinawa Link”

Great backstory of how there is a link with her current life & Okinawa. Starting off with her beautiful relationship of a friend from Okinawa, and how TM K.I. had many discoveries and learnings of Okinawa culture as their friendship developed over time.

■Evaluation for TM K.I. (Delivered by TM K.K)
Several positive points were specified pertaining to self management, structure of speech, and conclusion of speech. Even through some technical issues, TM K.I. was able to move forward with great poise and managed situation very well.

One suggestion shared was to make more effort to maintain eye contact even if online format.

■Table Topics (Facilitated by TM S.E.)

Topic: Fruit countries Summit Talk (taking from G7 summit at Hiroshima in May’23)

Speakers were to represent a particular fruit as if it were a country, and how that fruit would make the world a better place.

Fruits: Apple, grapes, watermelons, strawberries

・Prepared Speech – Japanese

■TM K.K.:”くつがえった仮説(Kutsugaetta Karisetsu)” (Overturned hypothesis)

Great introduction of family members living together, and who is to blame for not tidying up the house. However, after several years of living apart, it may have became evident of who is to blame… overturning the initial hypothesis.

■Evaluation for TM K.K. (Delivered by TM A.O. )
Numerous positive points were shared as the speech was full of humor, and followed a Rakugo principles (a traditional Japanese comic storytelling). Usage of certain vocabulary was highlighted, which helped lighten up story.

One call out was to use more exaggeration for dramatics to close the speech.