Meeting Report November 23rd, 2022

Meeting Report #414


今夜の司会は、いつも上手に楽しい空気をつくりだす、安定のTM TMさん。TM FGさんが素晴らしいカメラを持って動き回ってくれています!

[English Session]

The Word of the Evening is “Historic.” TM MA went to the historic site in Nagano pref. and she was very impressed by 2 Jomon Dogus (clay figures) of national treasures.

The 1st Speech, “Things we shouldn’t’t forget” by TM FG(7:07)

TM F opened his speech about last week’s earthquake in his native Indonesia. He said he believed they would stand up again even through this tough, painful situation. As they have a great history of winning their independence from the Dutch after WarⅡ with their great cooperation and perseverance. He made a speech for us about his mother country’s history so, so vividly with many tools…a national hat, a gun-shaped cane, and a lovely song for sadness and peace…, of course with a nice Batik! A very inspiring and soulful speech moved us a lot. Thank you for your wonderful speech!

Table Topics by TM OA

Q1:What is your favorite time of the year?  

A1: Autumn! Because colored leaves are so beautiful! She likes the yellow carpet of Ginkgo, especially in Ueno Park, where various kinds of people come across it. (TM MA  1’24’’)

Q2: What is your favorite place on Earth? 

A2: It’s my home! Because he can do everything he likes and no one disturbs him. (TM JS 1’03’’)

Q2: What are you scared of? What is your biggest phobia?

A3: Sudden happenings. He remembered his former boss’s sudden business orders that struggled him. (TM TM  1’23’’)

Q4: In a word, how would you describe this year? 

A4: She was hospitalized and took surgery this year. She recommended taking health check every year.  (TM KK  2’02’’)



スピーチ①「私は〇〇〇でFIREしちゃいました」 TM JSさん(6:35)

勢いよく楽しく始まったTM JSのスピーチは、ご自身の転職について。皆さんFIREってご存じですか?一般的には、Financial Independence, Retire Early(早期退職と経済的自立)を指すそうですが、TM JSの提唱するFIREとはいかに!?ご自身の経験談を流れるように、リズムよく話し進め、もう一つのキーワードMAP( Mission, Action, Passion)を示しつつ結論に持っていく、驚くべきスピーチでした。みんな、やりたいことやろうぜっ!

TMOEスペシャル「KZ2」by TM TMさん

KZ2って何???これは、Katsu-Zetsu-Kai-Zen “滑舌改善”のワークショップでした!!


TM TMさんのKZ2は「母音だけを読んでいくと、子音に頼らず話すため、口が大きくアイウエオの形に開き、自然と滑舌が改善する」というもの。試してみると確かに不思議不思議、大きく口が開きます(驚き!!)。上達すると某国のアナウンサーのようになります。コツは間違いを気にせず発話し続けること。「スピーチの前にはKZ2!」がトレンド入りしそうです!?


Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Sさん

Best Evaluator: TM Hさん

Best Speaker: TM Fさん