Meeting report of Nov. 8th,2017

We smoothly started our TM club meeting for the meeting# 280 on time as usual.
Because today TMOE is TM E.H, she is one of our club master, so everything was just started very smooth and made us very comfortable atmosphere.

This time we had two guests, and one of them used to attend INDIA and Hong Kong TM clubs. Wow, he has already been experienced for Global TM clubs and holds excellent English skills.

Tonight’s Word of the Evening was “iffy”. Our Club President of TM K.S draw the face of “Miffy” on the whiteboard, but the tonight words “iffy” which doesn’t have any connection with “Miffy” (Hahaha… ) The other meaning is uncertainty.

For first one hour, it was an English session.
First speaker was TM S.H. This is the first time for him to speak out for our TM club.
The title is “My Self”. This speech was project#1 “The Ice break”, so that he explained the culture of Sri Lanka and how different between Japan and his hometown.
Even though, his first speech, he always gave his smile and showed his confidence on his speech.

Second Speaker was TM C.Y. The title was “A Procedure for Toastmasters Club Establishment” Didn’t he bring such a great PPT material from TMC organization? The all slides of PPT were very awesome. His speech was very excellent and it was very easy to understand for audiences to hear what he would like to explain.
He is one of veteran of out TM club, so the contents of the slide and the speech were exquisite timing.

Third Speaker was TM H.S. The title was “Memory Palace”.
The aim of project is #8 “Get comfortable with visual aids”, so that he usually prepared PPT materials with Artistic sense and always invited us to imagination and the surprise world. As to how to memorize, it was unique to get hints from objects of regular commuting courses. It was very smart and unique speech.


日本語の部の最初のスピーチは、TM M.Yさん。タイトルは「あきないもの」

そして2番目のスピーチは、TM S.Iさん。タイトルは「百獣の王」

TM K.Aさんが、即興にも関わらず素晴らしい内容のトピックをご用意されていました。

1 好きなスポーツは? ゲスト Yさん「毎日ジムで汗を流すこと」
2 好きな食べ物は? TM K.Hさん「ワインを飲みながらステーキを食べること」
3 好きな芸術は? ゲスト Tさん「スペインで建築物を見ること」
4 ネットで買えるとしたら、何が一番欲しい? TM A.Oさん「時間を買う!」
本を読むのにも時間が必要ということで、TM A.Oさんの創造力の豊かなテーブルスピーチに爆笑でした。

そして最後に嬉しいニュースが、我々のクラブTokyo International Toastmasters Club(TITMC)が
” President Distinguished Club”の賞を頂きました。
昨年からご活躍された元会長のTM A.Oさんと元教育担当のTM K.Sさんの頑張りがあったからこそ、この賞を頂く事が出来ました!ありがとうございます!

TM E.HさんのTOMは素晴らしく、時間通りに第280会の例会は閉会となりました。