Tokyo International Toast masters Club Meeting Report #304 on Sep.26,2018

It has been all day raining and it was a bit chilly evening time.

One of the prepared speeches was cancelled, so that Table Topics session was add.


TMOE(Toastmaster of the evening) was TM.A.O. who declared the opening and showed a little magic trick.

The word of the evening was “intellectually” which was presented by TM J.I. who said that we were supposed to prepare the future with A.I. with our intelligence.

We had one guest K.K. and the total participants were 11 on that day.


==== English Session =====

First Prepared Speech by TM M.Y.        (time: 7’25”)

CC Manual Project #6  “Vocal Variety”

Title:  “Short Dialogue about A.I. with kids”

TM M.Y. spoke how he had tried to explain the meaning of A.I. and how to deal with A.I. to his son.

The evaluator was TM K.A.  (time 3’15”)

TM K.A. pointed out the speech expressed with simple and straight wording and it was nice sample of chatting/conversation which gave the audience to imagine the scene.


Table Topics by TM A.O.

TM A.O. gave the following 3 questions and appointed 3persons respectively.

Question #1: What is your greatest skill?

TM J.I. was the answering person in charge. (time 1’00”)

Question #2: Where you most like to go and why?

TM S.E. did the answer. (time 1’55”)

Question #3: What stresses you out?

Guest K.K. took the role same as the members.  (time 1’15”)


=== 日本語の部 ====



今夜の言葉「知的に」がTM J.I.さんより提示されました。これからは「人生100年時代」に突入するわけですから どの様に「知的に」過ごせるかを考えようと。



スピーチ#2  TM Y.I.さん   (time 6’50”)

CCマニュアル プロジェクト#4 「表現方法」

タイトル: 「都心の真ん中で」



論評者(Evaluator)は TM T.M.さん  (time 3’20”)



<ワークショップの部(Workshop Session)>

真実の瞬間(Moment of Truth)  TM A.I. さん (time 40分)

TM A.I.さんより真実の瞬間ワークシートが配布され、全員でシートに記入(計36項目)





< 表彰 >

The Best Speaker :  TM M.Y.

The Best Table Topics Speaker :  TM S.E.

The Best Evaluator :  TM T.M.


ゲストK.K.さんが 3回目の参加となり、次回 入会を表明されました。

21:15 予定通り 閉会が宣言されました。