MEETING REPORT Sep 25th, 2019

Tokyo International Toastmasters Club #330 Meeting report on Sep.25

[English Session]

Today’s TMOE (Toastmaster of the evening) is TM C.Y.

It was a very big surprise that today’s meeting was the last day for TM C.Y at our club.

He had been joined our club for more than five years, and he contributed to how to improve and increase motivation for our club. We are very grateful for his hospitality and what he had been don for our club.

Today’s meeting was an irregular meeting where English and Japanese sessions were shuffled. However, TM C.Y handled very well and managed efficiently.

Word of the Evening, “Everywhere”(いづこも同じ), was presented by TM M.A.

This phrase is a quote from one hundred people(百人一首).

Today’s 1st prepared speaker is TM N.H.

The speech title is “Do you really own it? – IoT to challenge the philosophy of the modern world-”

IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. She explained how our society will be depending on the IoT world nowadays in the future. IoT is connected to our life, and she smoothly brought up a question who will be ownership of IoT devices and objects, and etc.

She explained very well with a great visual effect material (PPT), and she simply gave a concrete example (owning a car) and explained about this big topic very efficient.

Her speech had strong messages and grabbed the audience’s heart.

The evaluator of the1st speech is TM N.S.

She praised the way TM N.S posture, gesture and eye contact. The content of speech is very interesting and easy to understand even though TM N.S was not aware of IoT well.

She suggested that the name of topic was too long, so it was better to create a short and simple. And it was better to add TM N.H opinion at last parts how she thinks regarding IoT ownership.


日本語の部の今夜の言葉は「いづこも同じ」by TM M.A.

本日、2本目のスピーチはTM A.O.



例えば、令和元年になり、1022日(火)は「即位礼正殿の儀の行われる日」になり、今年のみこの祝日があります。 「天皇の即位の日及び即位礼正殿の儀の行われる日を休日とする法律」が公布され、施行されたのが18年の1214日だったため、カレンダーに祝日とて記載されていない場合が多いので、約80%の方が祝日と認知していないそうです。(私もその1人でした。。。)






2本目のスピーチの論評者はTM K.S.





3本目のスピーチはTM K.K

ワークショップ「真実の瞬間/ Moments of Truth」という事で、4つのグループに分けて議論をして最後に発表をしました。


まず「真実の瞬間/ Moments of Truth」とはマーケティング概念の1つです。

マーケティング用語としてこの言葉を最初に取り上げたのは、1980年代初頭にスカンジナビア航空のCEOヤン・カールソン氏で、彼が唱えたMoment of Truthの考え方は、同航空会社でお客さまに直接応対するスタッフの当時の平均応接時間が15秒であり、そのわずかな時間にお客さまが判断するサービスの質が同社の成功を決めるというもの。同氏は、この考え方に基づいてさまざまな施策を打つことで、当時経営危機に陥っていたスカンジナビア航空をわずか1年で立て直しました。



TeamA – DCPの意味が分からない。Pathwaysのやり方がよく分からない。

TeamB- 会員同士や友達の絆を強める。仕事やスピーチの成功失敗を共有する。

TeamC- 会員の維持、達成認証の改善が必要。Pathwaysの基本説明が必要(助け合い精神で)

TeamD- 多様性があると居ごこちがいい。コミュニケーション。大会出場が必定以上に求められる。


今回で東京インターを退会されるTMOE, C.Y.の例会の進め方を称賛し、今までこのクラブのために、運営側や会員のモチベーションアップのために貢献して頂けた事に感謝を伝えておりました。


今日のグラコーTM O.N.がキャッチーな言葉や季節感のある言葉を発表されたのも良かったとおしゃっておりました。



The Best Speaker TM N.H.

The Best Evaluator TM K.S.

本日もゲスト3名を迎え、TM C.Yが我らクラブで最後の例会活動と素晴らしいTMOEの進行の元、心温まる例会でした!


MEETING REPORT Sep 11th, 2019

Later half was English session, started on time.

Originally assigned TM K1 chose the word “Suddenly” for the word of the evening.

TM K1 considered tonight situation, some members couldn’t come on time and selected that word.

Next, role takers showed their smile, because roles were already introduced in the Japanese session.

The first Speaker in the English session was TM K2.

She managed a discussion based on an AC manual “Facilitating Discussion”, project 4 “Handling Challenging Situation”. Speech title was “Send Members to Contests!”

She felt that our club members didn’t seem like participating in speech contests, even in our club’s one. As a former Area director, she wanted our club members to be willing to participating in speech contests at any level. So, she divided participants into 7 groups, and made each group member do 5 minutes discussion about “how you can be motivated (to compete in contests)”. After discussion each group wrote ideas of that on a whiteboard, and TM K2 made them vote which idea was better. Finally, we got the best idea of “how to motivate our members participating in speech contest”. It’s “listen to motivational stories by speech champions”. Discussion time was limited, but TM K2 and us get one of the great answers within 30minutes. We enjoyed. And TM K2 did a Good Job!

The second speaker in the English session was TM M.

He delivered a speech based on Pathways, Level 2 “Connect With Your Audience”. His speech title was “Cashless society”.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t a projector at that time, so he suddenly decided not to use PC and projector.

But he delivered an excellent speech without visual aids. He mentioned about Japanese percentage of using prepaid and postpaid cards. According to his speech, Japan still remains in “cash society”. And Japanese government plans digital payment late got increased. The reason why digital payment late got increased is “cost & tax”.

From the aspect of “cost”, handling and counting cash need lots of manpower. And from the aspect of tax, digital payment increases transparency. We could understand the Japanese situation and got information about digital payment. Thank you TM M!

The evaluator for TM K2 was TM S. He carefully observed TM K2’s discussion session and did an analytical evaluation. He raised 3 good points and 1 suggestion. The speech title was suitable for our members! The way of facilitating was also superb!! And handling discussion was excellent!!! He also said, if TM K2 made a summary, she could deliver her discussion conclusion with a stronger impact.

The evaluator for TM M was TM O. luckily she had listened to TM M’s three speeches consecutively. Based on that experiences she delivered her evaluation. She felt TM M’s speech was very timely, seasonal. And she also felt TM M’s growth in delivering a speech.

I felt TM O’s evaluation was very maternal.

After the English speech evaluation, TM T did General Evaluation.

She evaluated two evaluators’ evaluations. She had carefully observed each evaluation and mentioned good points and suggestions for two evaluators. It was very encouraging and analytical. I thought each English evaluator got inspiration by her evaluation!

The most exciting part of the meeting was an award presentation part.

Dram roll

The best evaluator was TM O & TM S!

The best speaker was TM Y!!

Congratulations TM O, TM S and TM Y!!!

We took photos of TMOE (TM N), vest evaluator and vest speaker without club banner.

(Tonight we couldn’t bring some equipment for our club meeting)

But, we enjoyed it so much and got positive energy from our meeting!

Thank you fellow TMs and a Guest!!

MEETING REPORT Aug 28th, 2019

Today’s TMOE(Toastmaster of the evening) is TM T.M.
He started this meeting quickly and efficiently.

Word of the Evening, “Laborious”, was presented by TM J.S.

Table Topic by TM N.S..
She asked us three questions connected to summer.

Q1 What is the best memory in this summer?

TM. M.Y. talked his story about snorkeling although he was not good at swimming.
It was a wonderful story that he enjoyed the summer sea with a family.

Q2 Suppose if you are budgeted air and hotel (free), but by yourself (alone), where are you going?

Today’s Guest, TM.A(University of Toronto Toastmasters) said that is his current situation.
And he started his talk spreads to the story an orange rolling in the slope.
Over there, there is a can of the juice. Everyone wonder why “Orange”?
He said ” An orange on the Aluminum can! (In Japanese: アルミ缶の上にあるみかん!)
It’s a great play in Japanese words!!

Q3  August is ending this week, which means we have only 4 months left in this year.
What do you need to do to close 2019?

Today’s another Guest , Mr.A (He is from Uganda) answered it connected to his future plan,
to be president of a construction company.

Today’s 1st prepared speaker is  Up-and-comer ,TM C.U.
The speech title is “The Secret of Sinkai Makoto’s film hits”
She analyzed why Sinkai Makoto’s films moved our hearts.
She solved that secret and picked up two keywords “miracle” and ” future” from these films.
“Even you are getting older, but you have power.”
“Teenage isn’t my peak,future is my peak!”
Her speech had strong messages and that was truly great ice-break speech!

The evaluator of the1st speech is TM A.T.
She encouraged the first-timer, TM. C.U. well.
The General evaluator is TM.N.H.(This is the first time of taking the role of the G.E. for her.)
She praised the 1st evaluator, TM A.T. and her feedback.
In addition, she suggests her share your experience more on how to do that.