Next Meeting Sep 11th,2019

The next meeting is planned for Sep 11th (Wed.), 2019!!


 We usually hold meetings at Oimachi (Curian) in Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo every second fourth and fifth Wednesdays, from 19:00 to 21:10.)

The regular meeting  will be held on Aug.28th, 2019 at 4F Special lecture room No.2 (第二特別講習室)

Guests are free to participate in our regular meetings. Let’s come and join us!

please refer to  Meeting Schedule page.

Venue: “Curian” (Shinagawa Citizens Hall) (Please refer to Access Page.)

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Meeting reports are HERE!


MEETING REPORT Aug 28th, 2019

Today’s TMOE(Toastmaster of the evening) is TM T.M.
He started this meeting quickly and efficiently.

Word of the Evening, “Laborious”, was presented by TM J.S.

Table Topic by TM N.S..
She asked us three questions connected to summer.

Q1 What is the best memory in this summer?

TM. M.Y. talked his story about snorkeling although he was not good at swimming.
It was a wonderful story that he enjoyed the summer sea with a family.

Q2 Suppose if you are budgeted air and hotel (free), but by yourself (alone), where are you going?

Today’s Guest, TM.A(University of Toronto Toastmasters) said that is his current situation.
And he started his talk spreads to the story an orange rolling in the slope.
Over there, there is a can of the juice. Everyone wonder why “Orange”?
He said ” An orange on the Aluminum can! (In Japanese: アルミ缶の上にあるみかん!)
It’s a great play in Japanese words!!

Q3  August is ending this week, which means we have only 4 months left in this year.
What do you need to do to close 2019?

Today’s another Guest , Mr.A (He is from Uganda) answered it connected to his future plan,
to be president of a construction company.

Today’s 1st prepared speaker is  Up-and-comer ,TM C.U.
The speech title is “The Secret of Sinkai Makoto’s film hits”
She analyzed why Sinkai Makoto’s films moved our hearts.
She solved that secret and picked up two keywords “miracle” and ” future” from these films.
“Even you are getting older, but you have power.”
“Teenage isn’t my peak,future is my peak!”
Her speech had strong messages and that was truly great ice-break speech!

The evaluator of the1st speech is TM A.T.
She encouraged the first-timer, TM. C.U. well.
The General evaluator is TM.N.H.(This is the first time of taking the role of the G.E. for her.)
She praised the 1st evaluator, TM A.T. and her feedback.
In addition, she suggests her share your experience more on how to do that.

MEETING REPORT July 31th, 2019

Meeting Report for the TITMC Meeting #327 31st July 2019


夏本番、ムッと蒸し暑い一日。この日は出席者が少なく、場内は沈黙気味…。そんな空気を汲み取り、「今皆さんの気持ちは一つ。暑い、そして人が少ない!」と笑いを誘うTM A.Tの言葉で例会はスタート。TMOEは安定感抜群のTM K.A、ゲストは2回目の参加となるAさん。

今夜の言葉はTM A.Oによる「事ほど左様に」。ラジオのパーソナリティが使っていたそうで、「前述のとおり、これほどに」といった、物事を纏める際に使う言葉だそうです。

日本語スピーチ#1:TM H.Y 「カエルの子は…」


評価者:TM N.Sによる評価


日本語スピーチ#2:TM T.M「給食トリビア」


評価者:TM K.Sによる評価


テーブルトピックはTM N.Hによる出題。「トイストーリー4」を観て子供時代を思い出したということで、「思い出」にまつわるお題をチョイス。

1.捨てられない思い出の品と、それにまつわる思い出を教えてください。:TM K.M


2.過去に影響を受けた作品(ジャンル不問)について語ってください。:ゲスト Aさん


3.あえて「昔はよかった、何故なら~…」を語ってください。:TM K.A


4.退職した後は、故郷に住みたいか?別の場所に住みたいか?:TM G.K


総合論評者はTM G.KTM N.Sの論評に対し、スピーチの中の対比に気づいた点を評価。改善点を指摘する際に申し訳なさそうな様子も見られたが、論評者として強く言って良い、とアドバイス。TM K.Sの論評に対しては、内容がスピーチ目的に合致していることを見抜いた点を評価。その鋭さなら、改善ポイントもよりハイレベルなことを言えたはず!と、更なる洞察を促すコメントでした。

日本語セッションは定刻通り終了し、10分のコーヒーブレイクへ。しかし、場内は相変わらず沈黙気味。そんな中…?(English Sessionに続く)

<English Session>

During the break time, TM R.T played jazzy coffee-shop-style music with her smartphone to relax the silent atmosphere. Nice way to change the circumstances!

The Word of the Evening for English session was “Once in a blue moon”, a very poetic expression which means “very rarely” or “not often”.

English Speech #1 “Where is the water?” by TM A.O

TM A.O, the great magician of TITMC, introduced that he joined the TMC in order to brush up his communication skills to interact with his audiences. He proved what he acquired through his TM life by performing a magic using 3 cups and a bottle of water, with a lot of jokes and fun. At the end of his speech, he reminded everyone that TMC is a safe place for practicing, for any kind of expressions.

->Evaluator for TM A.O’s speech was TM A.T.

TM A.T evaluated TM A.O’s speech was full of his passion, and the construction was superb as well as the level of inspiring audiences. Her suggestion to him was to involve the audience more and make the performance interactive, for example by letting audience to join the magic.

English Speech#2 “How to describe “Mentor” in Japanese?” by TM K.K

TM K.K described that he didn’t know what the word “mentor” exactly mean. When he googled the translation of “mentor” in Japanese, he only found “mentaa”, and even the visual images of the word on Google didn’t help him. But finally it came home to him that mentoring was what he experienced through TM activities, such as being helped by senior members, or helping other members. The answer was not on Google, but in his mind.

->Evaluator for TM K.K’s speech was TM K.M.

TM K.M pointed out the good points of TM K.K’s speech such as (1) effectively used body languages, (2) match to the speech objective, and (3) well organized story. He suggested that it would be even better if there’s any episode regarding mentoring in the speaker’s school days.

General Evaluator was TM G.K. He praised TM A.T for find out the passion point and objectives in TM A.O’s speech, while pointing out her suggestion may not be suitable if the speech was for competition, not for regular meeting. For TM K.M, he described his evaluation was a great complements for TM K.K’s speech, though his suggestion was not quite realistic, since TM K.K didn’t meet mentor in his school days.

Regarding the meeting overall, he made 2 suggestions; (1) be careful not to choose negative/abusing words, and (2) it might be fair to change the timing of General Evaluation, since the evaluators for the second half session can take in what General Evaluator suggested in the first half session.

This night’s Best Evaluators were TM K.S & N.K, Best Table Topic Speaker was TM G.K, and the Best Speaker was TM K.M. Congratulations to you all!





Finally our dear Guest, A-san made a comment in English. She showed how she worked hard to study English and expressed her excitement to be able to attend the TM meeting. It was a very moving speech to all. Thank you!

MEETING REPORT June 26th, 2019

<English Session>

Today’s TOME TM O started the session with the quote of “ when in Rome, do as the Romas do”, in light of this quote, he speaks British English in London, speak American English in NY and Japanese English in Tokyo, so he humorously mentioned to speak Japanese English today.

After his funny introduction, TM S selected the Word of the evening which is Tasteful, he encouraged to use the word.

English Speech #1

The first speaker TM M, his point was to compare the objectives of CC manual and Pathways,

CC manual is based on skilled based objectives, it enables us to step forward one by one, whereas Pathways’ objective is more goal -based one, it just shows the goal, so it requires us to set our own milestones in the middle of the way to the goal, so that we can achieve the mile stone and lead to the final goal.

Table topics followed the speech, which was led by TM Y, he kindly took this role to fill the canceled English speech session. His topics were quite interesting like when do you quite driving car, which is quite controversial topic nowadays, and another topics were what do you do in rainy
season and how the new year resolutions going. Each topic was quite timely theme and every speaker talked with a lot of their insight.

Evaluation for English Speech #1

Evaluation for #1 by TM K pointed out two positive ones and one suggestion. Positive ones was, well organized structure and unique insight like setting the personal goal in the midway and suggestion was to show a bit more specific example so that help us to convince the difference between CC manual and Pathways.

General Evaluation

General Evaluation by TM S was to highly appreciated TMOE O to establish the relaxed atmosphere with his humor in the introduction and flexible support by TM Y to lead the Table topics to fill the slot.

<日本語 セッション>

日本語スピーチ #1

今日の言葉は、“ 趣がある “ という言葉。梅雨に入りすっきりしない天気が続くが、このような時期でも、緑雨、青葉雨といった雨の中に緑が映えるような趣がある使い方があり、このような表現の使用を勧めた。


スピーチ#1は、TM Aさん。

スピーチタイトルは、泣きたい気持ち A編。こちらのタイトル、数回前の他のTMのスピーチを引用しつつ、自分独自のアプローチでスピーチを展開。キャプテン翼をテーマに笑いあり、そして涙(?)あり、臨場感のあるジェスチャーあり、の展開に引き込まれた。


日本語スピーチ#2は、TM Oさん。



スピーチ#3 TM Sさん。


歴史・教養シリーズ ということで、江戸開城 西郷隆盛と勝海舟の会談で、江戸総攻撃が中止になった歴史的史実より、リーダーシップ・誠実さ・外交力の重要性を説いた。リーダーは、私利私欲を持ってはいけない。

日本語 評論#1


日本語 評論#2


日本語 評論#3  







【第315回例会レポート (2019/02/27(水)19:00~21:10)】

Toastmaster of the evening was TM H.Y.
The word of the day was “Reality Bites” by TM A.O.

Speech #1 (TM R.K.):
AC manual: Special Occasion Speeches #5
The title is “Graduation”.

She talked about her graduation from university.
It’s been 8 years to graduate since she entered the university.
She revealed why it took 8 years. She couldn’t take a class
in the first 2 years because of the lack of support system for
visual impairment students.

But she changed that 2 years to positive side and
challenged many new things. And one of the challenge was a
She said “Without that 2 years, I didn’t know the Toastmaster and I’m not here.”
And she closed her speech “Nothing is waste of a time.”

Congratulations on your graduation!

Speech #2 (TM A.O.):
Pathways: Dynamic Leadership
Level 1: Icebreak
The title is “Been a Bridge”.

She introduced herself from her parents story.
Her both parents taught at University in north China.
Her mother did know her father is a Japanese after the marriage.

Her family moved to Japan because of Cultural Revolution.
She also be forced to change school and had to learn Japanese so hard.
Her father contributed to create a bridge between China and Japan.
But last year, he suffered leukemia and passed away.
This was a speech dedicated to her father.

It was so moving and please accept my deepest condolences to you.

Evaluator TM S.E. evaluated TM R.K..
Evaluator TM A.T. evaluated TM A.O..



今夜の言葉はTM A.O.さんより「事程左様(ことほどさよう)に」でした。

スピーチ #3 (TM Y.O.):
CCマニュアル #4: 身体表現


スピーチ #4 (TM R.Y.):
ACマニュアル “Humorously Speaking”: Make them laugh


論評TM Y.I.さんは、TM Y.O.さんの論評
論評TM K.K.さんは、TM R.Y.さんの論評

総合論評はTM E.S.さんでした。

ベストテーブルトピックはTM N.K.さん、
ベスト論評賞はTM Y.I.さん、
ベストスピーカーはTM R.K.さん でした。

また、入会式がありTM N.K.さんが入会されました。



Welcome to Tokyo International Toastmasters Club!
Ever thought of speaking in front of large audience both in English and Japanese?
Tokyo International Toastmasters Club will help you achieve your goals!

We are a non-profit group that focuses on improving communication and leadership skills through making speeches in Engilsh and Japanese at an enjoyable, friendly environment.

We hold meetings at Oimachi (Curian) in Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo every second and fourth Wednesdays, from 19:00 to 21:10. Guests are free to participate in our meetings. Let’s come and join us!

Next Meeting Information is HERE.

(c) 2013 Tokyo International Toastmasters Club
The names “Toastmasters International”, “Toastmasters” and the Toastmasters International emblem are trademarks protected in the United States, Canada and other countries where Toastmasters Clubs exist. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #311

*English  below

TM RTが開会・ゲスト紹介、そして「おあとがよろしいようで」の本来の意味(落語で前座が師匠の準備ができたので交代する)を解説・引用し、「なるほど」と思わせる粋な方法で今夜のTMOE TM YOにコントロールを渡し例会がスタートしました。

今回、前半に日本語・英語のスピーチセッション、後半に日本語ワークショップという通常とは異なる構成でしたが、TM YOのマネージメントにより違和感なく非常にスムーズな進行でした。

「今夜の言葉」の担当者が欠席でしたが、自発的にTM SEが即興で今日の言葉「最新の」を紹介し、難なくリカバリすることができました。

準備スピーチでは、TM MOがPathways: “Innovative Planning”: L1 #1 Evaluation and feedbackに取り組み、タイトル「ハッピーパッド」で本人の実体験に基づいたアフリカ・ウガンダでの貴重な体験を話されました。貧困による生理用品不足により引き起こされる女子生徒の学校中退問題、なぜそのようなことが起こるのかをスピーカ自身の現地インタビューを交えながらスライドを使って説明されました。また、解決のためにクラウドファンディングで資金を集めて「ハッピーパッド」を女子生徒に配布し、その生徒が学校復帰を果たしたことなど、自身の社会問題に対する貴重な取り組みと成果が紹介され、最後は「ハッピーパッド」でハッピーという言葉で締められました。私個人としては誰もがなしえない実話だけあって大変魅了されました。

TM JSによる論評では前回のスピーチから改善されている点、さらに社会問題に取り組んだテーマ・ストーリの構成されている点など挙げられました。また、自信を持ってスピーチするには口角をあげる、ポーズをつけるなど非常に具体的な内容が提案され、スピーカに寄り添った晴らしい論評でした。

[English session]
Word master TM YO introduced the words of the evening “state of the art”, which is same meaning of Japanese session.

At prepared speech session, TM NK talked about “Name” based on Pathways: “Innovative Planning”: L1 Reach and Presenting. He started to tell us how he was named, introducing how his wife and he named his child, and lastly delivering a key message “Every child has a beautiful name” with singing “”Beautiful Name” of Godiego. It was very impressive and consistent story. Also, he seemed to enjoy and confident during the time. It’s first time for him in our club, but he knows very well how to make a speech from his TMC life/experience, and successfully expressed himself with eye contact and gesture.

As an evaluator, TM KA raised three good points – 1st: it was very organized, 2nd: well-researched, 3rd: attractive story about naming his son. Then, he suggested utilizing 1-minute left for speech, evaluating it was very good overall.

後半はTM KYによるチームビルディングについてワークショップが行われました。
チーム作りの3要素(理念共有、自己有用感、居心地の良さ) + 1の “+1”にNo2(右腕)を作ることには、私の経験からも心の中で激しく同意しました。

TM RKによる総合論評では、初めてにも関わらず落ち着いた雰囲気で論評者の良かった点・提案を具体的に示されました。また例会全体として、事前に机の配置がワークショップ用に3つの島に分かれていたり、突然の欠席でロールが外れてもリカバリーできたりとチームビルディングがよく機能しているとコメントを頂きました。

ベストスピーカはTM MO、ベスト論評者はTM JSでした。おめでとうございます。



2/13 (水) TITMC インハウスコンテスト、ブリーフィング 18:45スタート
3/16 (土) エリア93 コンテスト@武蔵小杉生涯学習センター 301
4/7 (日) ディビジョンI コンテスト@下丸子大田市民会館
5/10-12 全国大会@東京
3/27 (水) 花見例会


Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #298(27th, June, 2018) Meeting Report

Toastmaster of the evening was TM O.N.
The word of the day was “Revitalize” by TM R.T.

Speech #1 (TM A.O.):
Pathways Icebreak
The title “Starting Over”.

He talked about why he joined Toastmasters Club.
As a magician, he thought he needed a better presentation skill to attract audience.
Tonight, he performed one of his magic tricks on live and it ended successfully .

Table Topic by TM R.K. (She kindly took this role.):
1) What is the most memorable speech in this term? (TM A.T. said TM A.O.’s speech.)
2) What do you want to achieve in 2018-2019? (TM K.S. said “Go out club with members”.)
3) What do you want to do as an area level event in next term? (TM R.T. said debate competition.)

Speech #2 (TM B.H.):
Pathways Icebreak
The title “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

He introduced himself and talked about why he joined Toastmasters Club.
He also talked about his hometown.
Then his story went into his message “will”, like studying hard and working hard
leading to his current achievements.
That was inspiring speech.

Evaluator TM A.S., her first evaluation in a long while.
Evaluator TM T.M., his evaluation was perfect to motivate TM B.H.


Meeting Report June 13. 2018

Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #297(13th, June, 2018) Meeting Report


本日のToastMasters of the Eveningは筋肉隆々のSさん。「いきなりステーキ」が大井町に出来たことをネタに笑いをとって司会を開始しました。



本日の日本語準備スピーチは、Hさん。CCマニュアル#7Research your topics。タイトルは「もう一度 ZAIYICI」。内容は、定年まであと10年となり、会社で50歳研修を受講してみての自分の思いを話されました。中国での営業が最近増えてきており、中国語のトーストマスターズクラブへ、最近入会されたという落ちで締めくくりとなりました。




English Session

Today’s Word of the Evening was “Footsteps” by TM Y.

The first prepared speech was CC Manual Project5 “Your body speaks” Title“Can you escape stress in a box?” by TM H.

He often gets stress from customers, a boss, and colleagues at work. One day He went to Karaoke box and yelled in it. He found that there were so many people who used Karaoke box for the same objects. He succeeded in releasing stress at the Karaoke box. But he finally noticed that this type of action was meaningful.

The second prepared speech was Pathways, Icebreaker, Title”Return” by TM Y.

He told us why he returned to the Toastmasters after two years’ absence. He was engaged in a lot of roles such as vice president, president, area governor, division governor one after the other for a long time. His job also became busy at that time. He was exhausted at his business. But one day he remembered Toastmasters club members’ gentle faces and decide to return.

Evaluation for 1st prepared speech was done by TM T.

She pointed out three good points and one suggestion. The speech had clear structure, the story was very humorous, and good body language. The suggestion was to show negative emotion more when he faced stress.

Evaluation for 2nd prepared speech was done by TM T.

She pointed out that great speech construction and sufficient body language.

One suggestion was that he used too many Toastmaster’s technical terms to make gests understood.

General Evaluation was done by TM K.

She praised the TMOE performed well under the condition there were many agenda changes compared to ordinary meetings.

Awards are as follows:

Best Evaluator: TM Y

Best speaker: TM H

Meeting Report April 25. 2018

Meeting Report – April 25th, 2018

Opening with TM. K.S, the president of the club.
TOME was TM. R.T for the first time.
Word of the evening was “Utopia” provided by TM.T.M.
He says “Toastmaster is the Utopia for me as an example”.
The other roles are
Timer : T.M. T.H,
GRACHO : T.M. T.M kindly volunteered for the English session.
JP session was T.M. E.S. as originally assigned.
Mtg Reporter: T.M. K.H

First prepared speech was delivered by T.M. H.S. Its title was “Stone Soup”.
He introduced this famous fable.
He closed his speech with the question “ What is the stone for you ?”
Evaluator was T.M. E.K.

Table Topic Master was T.M. A.O. 5 good questions
When you hear Utopia, what come to your mind ? T.M. O. answered.
Is there anyone who influences you most ? T.M. K.H. answered.
What is the worst experience ? T.M. T.H. answered.
If you can talk with an animal, what animal do you choose ? T.M. E.S. answered.
If you were a table topic master, what question would you ask ? T.M. T.M answered.

End of English session –

今夜の言葉 “ひとかたない” ひとかた=普通、普通ではないの意味
準備スピーチ#1 “The Brainstorming Session”  ACマニュアル
タイトル 「クラブのもの=みんなのもの=私のもの?」 発表者 T.M.K.M.
論評はT.M. K.I

準備スピーチ#2 CCマニュアル#3
タイトル 「初めの一歩」 発表者 T.M. Y.I.
論評はT.M. K.H.

Best Speaker: T.M. Y.I.
Best Evaluator: T.M. K.I.
Best Table Topics: T.M. K.H.

新メンバー加入 T.M. Mさん – 宜しくお願いします!!
ゲスト Iさん 1回目

T.M. C.Yさんから District 76 Spring Conference, Spark May 11-13 の宣伝あり