How to use this guideline & disclaimers

You may print or copy this guideline as long as you do so for the purpose of
Tokyo International Toastmasters Club activities.
This guideline is not a “manual” – it is not an official document by Toastmasters
International. The purpose is to help the new members understand the basics
of our meetings better, not to set the rules of Toastmasters. Please be noted
that this manual contains some rules of thumb and some procedures specific to
Tokyo International Toastmasters Club, to the extent that they comply with the
rules of Toastmasters. In order to refer to the official manual, please refer to
the official documents of Toastmasters International such as the Competent
Communication Manual.
When modifying this guideline, please add your entry to the history page
(next page).
The author will not assume any responsibilities for any damages caused by the
use of this guideline.