Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #310

English Session

The President began his opening remarks by reminding the attendants that this meeting is the last one in 2018.

TM J.S. was the Toast Master of the Evening on this day. He cheerfully called TM R.K. to let her announce the word of the evening.

She was assigned to that role just 5 minutes ago, then she chose “suddenly.”

The next part was role introduction. Each role was taken by the following members.

Timer: TM H.T./ Vote Counter: TM S.K./ GRAHCO: TM H.Y./ Meeting Reporter: TM R.T.

Here came the 1st prepared speech. TM M.O. delivered her very first icebreaker speech in the Toastmasters club. The title was “My passion.”

She introduced herself by explaining the activities in NGO which she joined since 2016.

In Uganda, many young girls quit school since they don’t go there during menstruation. They are too poor to buy sanitary pads nor have enough knowledge of hygiene. Therefore the NGO provide cloth menstrual pads to them and teach not only girls but boys and teachers at school about the menstrual mechanism and how to keep sanitary environment. Her activities succeeded to help ¾ of girls supported to go back to school.

She also told that she had lots of opportunities to deliver speeches to advertise the activities in Japan. That’s why she jumped in this club.

Although she looked a little nervous, her explanation was clear, being filled with passion. TM S.J. commented that he’d like to join the activities.

The 2nd prepared speech was delivered by TM K.K. who joined the club several months ago. The title is “Year-End Gift.”

First, he asked the audience, “have you received a present?”.

He simulated the moment humorously when his gift arrived. That special gift was “udon,” Japanese rice noodle, from Kagawa prefecture. He ordered it by using the Hometown tax system, in which you can choose any municipality to pay tax, regardless of where you live instead of paying tax to your neighbor municipality. This system was introduced to help the local government in Japan which are suffered from the lack of tax revenue. It became popular since you can get some specialties in return.

TM K.K. felt good to use the system because he could support his hometown and get nice foods, however, his wife didn’t. She thinks it’s better to pay tax to the local government of where they live. Therefore the roads, schools and public welfare are enriched.

TM K.K. said that he had never thought about how tax system should be or how municipalities were suffered from the low income. He concluded that the Hometown tax system contributed to let people think about the politics and make them come closer to the local municipalities.

The 3rd speaker was TM K.A. who had one of the longest experience in the club.

Since he started a new Toastmaster’s educational system, Pathways, he did icebreaker again for the first time in years. The title was “My personality.”

2018 is a 15 years anniversary of his marriage. He recalled his memory when his wife met his mother. The mother said to her, “he’s really difficult and complicated.”

Everyone in the room laughed to hear that since he was always gentle and clear at his opinion.

TM K.A. added that even his father told him that his personality was too complicated to understand what he’s thinking about. The speaker, however, translated that in very positive way, “that means I’m a mysterious guy!”.

Anyway, he had grown up and been matured. And next, the personality seems to inherited to his son. He suddenly started crying and never said the reason though his parents asked him why.

TM K.A. also talked about his good points. That is curiosity, which led him to be in the club. Recently he applied to the volunteering of Tokyo Olympic games in 2020. The reason was another member spoke that the submission process was too long and painful. He recommended other members to apply too as a joke.

Next is the evaluation session.

TM K.S. pointed out 2 good points and one suggestion to the first speaker.

First, her attitude was polite but passionate. Second, the topic was appropriate for the icebreaker. Every audience could know what was her motivation to join in the club and how high it was.

He advised her to put her face up since she kept looking at the memo and made little eye-contact. If she looks at the audience directly, she can deliver her passion more vividly.

TM J.I. gave an evaluation for the 2nd speaker.

She was impressed by the topic since she just got a pamphlet of the Hometown tax system. TM J.I. praised the speaker’s comical gestures and vocal variety with good volume and effective eye-contact. Additionally, she said the structure of the speech, which started from a casual daily topic to a serious one, was effective.

The suggestion was to speak slower at the beginning even when he’s nervous.

TM K.H., who evaluated the 3rd speaker, said the speech caught his attention and never let go. The evaluator praised the speaker as a great story teller and was a natural to make people smile. One suggestion point was the speaker failed to describe his own personality because he wasn’t difficult.

Lastly, today’s general evaluator, TM B.H. gave a general comment about the English session. First, he showed his appreciation to the role takers and especially admired the TMOE for the preparation.

For the 1st evaluator, he complimented the kind and warm attitude, and suggested to explain why eye-contact was important.

GE said to the 2nd evaluator that quick start seemed preferable to the speaker.

For the 3rd one, he said it was better to ask a question in the end than to end normally.

The English session ended with applause.





最初のスピーカーはTM A.O. で、タイトルは「今年の漢字を大予想!『厄』『騒』『故』」でした。

その年を振り返る究極のサマリーとして、毎年「今年の漢字」に注目しているというTM A.O. このイベントは、1995年の阪神淡路大震災から始まり、去年は「北」が選ばれていることをせつめい。



















日本語の部、2番手のスピーカーはTM T.M. で、タイトルは「社長退任演説」でした。




ここで、突然演台の陰に姿を消したTM T.M.。暫くすると、サンタの防止に髭姿で再登場。そう、彼はサンタクロース会社?の社長だったのです。







ここで、サンタからTM T.M.に戻り、自分には6年生と4年生の子供がいる、と語るスピーカー。彼らはもうサンタを信じていないが、「なんだ、お父さんがサンタだったんだ」と言っていたそう。子供に限らず、親や兄弟、恋人を喜ばせたいと思う人の心には、国境や人種を超えて、サンタクロースがいるのだ、と締めくくりました。


TM A.T.は「論評者ということを忘れてスピーチを楽しむことができた。素晴らしい!」とスピーカーを絶賛。





2番目の論評者はTM S.E.でした。


特にTM S.E.が感心したのは、2点。





TM K.H.は全体をふりかえり、経験豊かなメンバーによって、楽しく時間通りの運営がされていた、と発言。




Best Speaker : TM T.M.

Best Evaluator: TM A.T.






Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #309


空気が清々しくなってきた12月、TM NYさんが選んだ‘今夜の言葉’は「清冽(な)」でした。この言葉は主に水や空気に使うとのことで、例えば「水のような清冽な」という表現ができるそうです。


最初の日本語のスピーチ#1はTM THさんによる「11-22の日」でした。



次に、TM K.A.によるパスウェーズ(Pathways)コーナー。パスウェーズとは、どういう目的でスピーチするのかのマニュアルであり、10個のPathways中から自分に合う課題を選び、5つのレベルをステップアップしていくツールのことで、活用の仕方を丁寧に説明していただきました。


日本語のスピーチ#1への論評はTM Kさん。他クラブからの訪問にも関わらず、急きょ来れなくなった方の代役として引き受けていただきました。良かった点は抜群のタイミングでの間を取るなどのポーズを使ったメッセージ、そして声の出し方。改善点としては、男女の違いを極端にジェスチャーなどを用いて表現したら良いとのことでした。


文法報告はTM SEさん。皆さん、今夜の言葉を上手に取り入れており、特に注意すべき言葉/表現はなかったとのことです。


総合評価はTM KYさん。忙しい方が多いので、ドタキャンがあっても皆さんが対応できるようにしたらいい、ゲストの声かけなど積極的にすることなど気が付いた点を挙げていました。また、パスウェーズについてはゲストの方もいるので新旧の違い等を用いて説明すると良いのではとのことです。また、急きょ評論を引き受けてくれたTM Kさんは、事前にスピーカーの人柄について調べた上ですばらしい評論だったとのことです。



<English Session>

Today’s word of the day is ‘limpid’ which is the same as Japanese one ‘清冽な’ by TM NY and he explained that ‘limpid’ means clear, pellucid etc.


Prepared Speech #1 was provided by TM OT who is a visitor from another Toast Masters Club. The title is ‘Like, this young man’. His speech was started by talking his elementary school’s life. When he was a child, he disappointed by his teacher who said that he cannot achieve his ‘dream’. He expressed his frustration and strong emotion with body language. However, when he became a university student, he hit the turning point by finding the statement ‘boys, be ambitious like this old man’ by Dr William Smith Clark. He concluded ‘Never give up’


TM HB played his rule of Today’ table topics. He provided five questions.

  1. If you won a lottery and gain one billion yen, what would you use it?

→Donate for people and build a hotel with a free movie theater by TM O

  1. What would you give advice to yourself when you were 15 years old?

→Study hard, play girls, and play club activities by TM Y

  1. What profession will you choose?

→Profession of speech since he can speech in Toast Masters Club by TM K

  1. Provide two places where you most like?

→Spain in which he used to live , and Las Vegas where he lost by gambling last week and wants to go back to win next time by TM E

  1. What are you planning, like to buy, learn or reach your goal?

→Prepare to become a good grandfather for helping my daughter to take care of her kids by TM K


The evaluation #1 was conducted by TM OA. He analyzed TM OT’s speech by drawing a chart with three points such as strategic, balance, and time management In addition, he mentioned that the speech was really impressive by saying ‘don’t give up’ as action plan.


TM MT played a role of evaluation #2. He said the positive points were following the structure, good balance and tone volume, which were perfect combination to use them.


The CRAHCO’s was reported by TM ES saying there were no unnecessary words but no one use word of the day.


Lastly TM YC provided general evaluation about all agenda including table topics, 2 evaluation, speech.


Award Ceremony

The Best Table Topics Speaker TM E.

The Best Evaluator TM M.

The Best Speaker went to TM H.


Thank you so much!


Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #307

*English below



「今夜のトーストマスター」は、TM(Toastmaster) Tさん。直前になって例会に出席出来なくなったメンバーが数人いましたが、出席メンバーに役割を上手く割り当て、なんとか無事に例会をスタート出来ました。

「今夜の言葉」は、もう一人のTM Tさんで、「余裕を持って」でした。忙しい日々を送る中で、逆に、使いたくなる言葉でした。


準備スピーチ#1をされたのは、TM Iさん。2年後の東京オリンピックで採用される競技の一つであるスポーツクライミングに関してのスピーチ。スポーツクライミングは、ボルダリング、リード、スピードの3種と、これらの総合成績で決まるという概要の説明から入り、非常に分かりやすい導入でした。「ボルダリングは最後にあるホールドを掴んだ後に安定した姿勢をとるのがゴール、リードはどれだけの高さまで登れたか、スピードは文字通りどれだけ早く登れるかが勝負。」という歯切れの良いスピーチ。「勝つには、余裕を持って臨むのが鍵」という様に「今夜の言葉」をしっかり使っていました。



Table topicsは、Table Topics Masterが急遽欠席となったため、参加メンバーから質問を集めて、アドリブで開催。以下の通り3つのTable Topicsとそれについての小スピーチとなりました。


トーストマスターズで総合論評にあたること。スピーチ、論評が続いた直後に、例会全体について論評するというのは実をいうと離れ業です。それを克服するためにトーストマスターズに来ています(by TM S)。



私に当てられても回答にならないかもしれません。なぜなら、私はよく眠れないタチで、私が聞きたいくらいだからです。仕事中よく眠くなります。寝る前にヨガ、音楽を聴く等いろいろ試していますが、結局、良い方法が見つかっていません(by TM O)。



新しい経験をしている時が幸せです。このトーストマスターズに参加しているのも新鮮です。また、韓国から来ていますが、東京の季節も楽しんでいます(by Guest K)。


準備スピーチ#1に対する論評は、TM Sさん。




文法報告は、TM Hさん。




「Distinguished Clubと教育賞について」というお題で、会長のAさんから、以下の説明がなされました。

  • 活発な活動をしているクラブは、毎年「Distinguished Club」として表彰され、トーストマスターズ本部からリボンが貰えます。また、メンバー個人がスピーチの回数を重ねていくと教育賞が貰えます。
  • クラブ活動が活発であれば、メンバー全員にメリットがある仕組みがトーストマスターズです。


日本語の部の総合論評は、TM Sさん。以下の総合論評がなされました。

  • TM Yさんの論評に関しては、コンパクトで効果的な論評であった。スピーカーがメモを持っていても良いという前提を説明した上で、改善点を述べており非常に良い論評であった。
  • また、本日の例会は、直前に欠席者がかなり出て心配しましたが、尻上がりにムードが上がった。最近は新入会員も増えたので、本日、ワークショップで会長のAさんが、トーストマスターズの仕組みを説明してくれて良かった。


<English Sesion>

Word of the day was “leeway” by TM T.


Prepared Speech #1

The title was “Return” by TM Y.

This speech was a revival speech. The pathway program requires TM members to revise a previous speech and demonstrate it again. TM Y explained his career in the Tokyo International Toastmasters club. He once became the president of Tokyo International Toastmasters club and temporarily quit the club, and finally came back again. The speech introduced movement of his mind clearly.


Prepared Speech #2

The title was “Innovative Planning” by TM T.

This speech explained how TM T thought of the innovating planning based on childhood experiences and present life.


Evaluation for Prepared speech #1 by TM N.

TM N said, ”Good points are good construction of the speech, enough body language, and full of humor. The speech does not use any difficult words and is well revise.”


Evaluation for Prepared speech #2 by TM S.

TM S said, “The speech is very attractive and fruitful”.


General Evaluation by TM A

TM A said, “Two evaluations are strictly based on the speech objectives. We are able to see one way of evaluation for pathway speeches.”


Lastly, President TM A thanked TM T(TMOE) for her well-arranged meeting with full of humor.


Award Presentation:

The Best Table Topics Speaker went to TM S.

The Best Evaluator went to TM Y.

The Best Speaker went to TM T.

Congratulations to the award winners!



Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #306

“English session”

Today’s TMOE(ToastMasters Of the Evening ) was TM M.Y..
Although this was the second time for him to preside at this educational session,
he made atmosphere by abundant and nice comments.

TM J.S. introduced a catchy word “CAPTIVATING” as today’s WOE(Word of the Evening)
and many members enjoyed using this word in their speech.

The first prepared speaker was TM S.E.
He is a newcomer of our club ,but a person with a wealth of experience.
He explained his business experiences of foreign countries and the reason why he joined our club.

TM A.O.,the evaluator of his speech mentioned that his visual-aid was very impressive
and they supported his message effectively.
And he praised TM S.E. had reviewed his speech script more than 10 times for himself.

The second prepared speaker was TM T.M.,his speech title was “Another Gift”.
He explained that he has obtained a lot of skills and confidence at this club.
And also he was able to be present at the moment when talent of one of our members blossomed through this toastmasters activity.
His message “All pepole have original unique talents and we can meet talents in this club” was so impressive.

TM B.H.,the evaluator of his speech praised many good points,”CAPTIVATING” title,clear message and good examples and so on.
He tried the evaluator role for the first time, but calmed down very much.

“Japanese session”

TMOEである、TM M.Y.は人生の中でなかなか使ったことのない言葉だけれど、

最初の準備スピーチは、入会したばかりのTM K.K.さん。
参加した理由と背景を、真摯に、そしてTM K.K.さんらしく、静かに熱く説明いただきました。

彼のスピーチの論評者はTM T.H.さん。目的がしっかりとしていた話であること、

TM K.A.さんが行いました。


テープルトピックマスターは、TM J.I.さん。
TM J.S.、ゲストのMs.O、TM A.O.は、学生さながらのドギマギした表情を見せながらも、

TM J.I.さんは、はじめてのテーブルトピックマスターでしたが、場を盛り上げるトピック選定でした。
本日の総合論評者のTM R.T.も、普段と違う、仕事に関した、メンバーの意外な一面を引き出す良い

ベストスピーカーは TM T.M.さん
ベスト論評者は TM B.H.さん
バストテーブルトピックスピーカーは TM A.O.さん


Written by K.S.


Tokyo International Toast masters Club Meeting Report #305 on Oct.10,2018














しかし、TM.A.O.はアメリカのコメディにもボケ役(funny man)とツッコミ役(straight man)がいる、と反論。

Animal House, The Graduateといった、実際にアメリカでヒットした映画のワンシーンを事例にあげて解説。

















[English Session]

Word of the Evening, “be on a role”, was presented by TM.K.S. referring to TM.A.O.’s speech.

The 2nd speaker is TM.B.H. The title is “Cross cultural communication.”

He explained that his speech had the same title as he delivered at the last time. Since his objective was to apply the feedback, he rewrote the speech with the same name to remind the audience who had already listened to his speech.

The main part explained his cross-cross cultural work environment. The backgrounds of his colleagues have a rich variety, so he focuses on learning the different cultures.

For example, in India, people do not drink alcohol with family or colleague, but in Japan it’s quite common.

You have to be careful to make jokes since they can have different meanings in an another culture.

The same word indicates another explanation, such as Dew means metro in London.

In conclusion, what’s important is to accept and be open to everyone.

The 3rd speaker was TM.K.H. The title was “Cashless Society.”

He’s working in a trading company which sells the chemical related to make credit cards.

The speech showed the current situation of credit card industry and the uprising alternative cashless payment systems such as QR payments.

He showed the graphs and charts of the market share of credit card, as well as the story from his own experience in business trip to France. The QR payments seem to exceed the credit card payments in the future since the cost is lower and the retailers pay less to use the system.

There are several services of QR payments and each has pros and cons.

In conclusion, TM.K.H. encourages the audience to try the new technology by showing a clear chart of comparison of major services.

Next is the evaluation session.

One of the guests, TM.S. kindly accepted the offer to evaluate the 2nd speech.

He searched the speaker’s last evaluation beforehand and praised that he did improve his speech according to the advice he got. TM.S. said, however, that the speech had too much information and thus it was over the limited time. He referred to the winner of the speech contest and advised the speaker to make shorter speech and expand it to 7 minutes with gestures and poses.

TM.J.S. evaluated the 3rd speech, saying that he liked the topic, which was about fin-tech.

He pointed out 3 good points and one suggestion.

Firstly, the speaker used the visual aid properly. Secondly, the research was appropriate and helped the audience to understand the basic information about the topic. The last good point was the speaker motivated the audience to use the new services.

One suggestion was to simplify the slides, which sometimes had too many letters and charts.

The evaluator concluded by saying that simple slides can help the speaker to send a strong message.

General Evaluation session:

TM.T.H. praised the TMOE to manage the meeting on time.

He showed his appreciation to the second evaluator, TM.S., since he accepted the role although he was a guest from another club. He said, TM.S. gave the speaker a good advice referring to a champion’s story. That came form his rich experience in Toastmasters.

TM.T.H. said he liked TM.J.S.’s humorous opening, adding that the structure of the evaluation was clear. He agreed to the evaluator’s suggestion and advised the speaker to focus on at most 3 examples in one slide.

Award presentation:

The Best Table Topic Speaker Award went to TM.R.T.

The Best Evaluator Award went to TM.J.S.

The Best Speaker Award went to TM.A.O.

Congratulations to the award winners!

Induction Ceremony:

Guest Mr.K was accepted to be a new member to TITMC.

He gave a comment that his dream finally came true to be a toastmaster and was willing to help the club.

His comment was strong and impressive! Welcome to our club and congratulations!

The club meeting #306 was adjourned.


Tokyo International Toast masters Club Meeting Report #304 on Sep.26,2018

It has been all day raining and it was a bit chilly evening time.

One of the prepared speeches was cancelled, so that Table Topics session was add.


TMOE(Toastmaster of the evening) was TM.A.O. who declared the opening and showed a little magic trick.

The word of the evening was “intellectually” which was presented by TM J.I. who said that we were supposed to prepare the future with A.I. with our intelligence.

We had one guest K.K. and the total participants were 11 on that day.


==== English Session =====

First Prepared Speech by TM M.Y.        (time: 7’25”)

CC Manual Project #6  “Vocal Variety”

Title:  “Short Dialogue about A.I. with kids”

TM M.Y. spoke how he had tried to explain the meaning of A.I. and how to deal with A.I. to his son.

The evaluator was TM K.A.  (time 3’15”)

TM K.A. pointed out the speech expressed with simple and straight wording and it was nice sample of chatting/conversation which gave the audience to imagine the scene.


Table Topics by TM A.O.

TM A.O. gave the following 3 questions and appointed 3persons respectively.

Question #1: What is your greatest skill?

TM J.I. was the answering person in charge. (time 1’00”)

Question #2: Where you most like to go and why?

TM S.E. did the answer. (time 1’55”)

Question #3: What stresses you out?

Guest K.K. took the role same as the members.  (time 1’15”)


=== 日本語の部 ====



今夜の言葉「知的に」がTM J.I.さんより提示されました。これからは「人生100年時代」に突入するわけですから どの様に「知的に」過ごせるかを考えようと。



スピーチ#2  TM Y.I.さん   (time 6’50”)

CCマニュアル プロジェクト#4 「表現方法」

タイトル: 「都心の真ん中で」



論評者(Evaluator)は TM T.M.さん  (time 3’20”)



<ワークショップの部(Workshop Session)>

真実の瞬間(Moment of Truth)  TM A.I. さん (time 40分)

TM A.I.さんより真実の瞬間ワークシートが配布され、全員でシートに記入(計36項目)





< 表彰 >

The Best Speaker :  TM M.Y.

The Best Table Topics Speaker :  TM S.E.

The Best Evaluator :  TM T.M.


ゲストK.K.さんが 3回目の参加となり、次回 入会を表明されました。

21:15 予定通り 閉会が宣言されました。


Tokyo international Toastmasters Club Meeting #303 Meeting Report on Sep.12,2018.



今回のTMOE(Toastmaster of the evening)であるTM T.M.









今夜の言葉は、TM A.O..




And ,he introduced following phrase as Word Of The Evening  in English ,too.

“Sink or Swim”

It is the same meaning as “伸るか反るか” in Japanese .

(English part)

First prepared speech speaker was TM J.I..

Her speech title was  “My Summer Vacation #2 “.

The purpose of this speech project is about  “Evaluation & Feedback”.

She successfully completed this speech objectives with reflecting the feedback of her last speech.

We really enjoyed her lively vacation story.

Her speeech evaluator was TM R.T..

She praised that the speech was full of the friendliness for audience.

And she suggested adding more vocal variety for more lively speech.

Second prepared speech speaker was TM K.A..

His speech project was about storytelling.

He shared a story of Muhammad Yunus who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank.

His speeech evaluator was TM A.O..

He said TM K.A.’s speech was full of humanity .

And he mentioned it was easy to understand because of TM K.A.’s  visual aids and excellent speech construction.



TM T.M.が”集計係”の役割について、改めて役割の意義について、その存在の大切さを持論とユーモアを交えて紹介しました。

今回の”集計係”の私TM K.S.とTM H.B.は、ハードルが上がるし、照れるし・・


日本語のテーブルトピックスマスター(テーブルトピックスコーナーの司会)は、TM R.K…です。




TM R.K.がお題を読み上げてから、即興スピーチをする人を指名していきます。

(お題1) 9.11のときの時、あなたは何をしていましたか?

いきなりシリアスなお題に、不意をつかれたTM K.S.はどぎまぎしつつも、








TM H.Y.は、TVが厚いブラウン管から薄いLCDになった感動と、でも地震が来たときに倒れることを


きょうの文法係は、TM H.Y.。総合論評はTM O.N..




TMOE TM T.M.. の粋な心遣いでした!!

The Best Speaker:TM K.A..

The Best Evaluator:TM R.T..

The Best Table Topics speaker:TM T.M..








Written by TM K.S..


【第302回例会レポート (2018/08/29(水)19:00~21:10)】

Toastmaster of the evening was TM K.M.
The word of the day was “Encourage” by TM A.T.

Speech #1 (TM J.I.):
Pathways: Inovative Planning
Level 1: Evaluation & Feedback
The title is “My Summer Vacation”.

She talked about her summer vacation going to Tohoku.
Along the way to camping site, her car roof stuck at tunnel!
The car roof was broken. She slowly drove and finally found “Autobacks”.
What a relief!

Speech #2 (TM B.H.):
Pathways: Team Collaboration
Level 1: Evaluation & Feedback
The title is “Cross culture communication”.

He talked about his team diversity. The team 9 members are coming from 9 countries.
The native English speaker is only one member from US.
He also talked about the difference of high context culture and low context culture.
Then he talked about the importance of greeting and communication as his message.

Speech #3 (TM C.Y.):
AC-K Mannual #1: The Folk Tale
Level1 : Evaluation & Feedback
The title is “Momotaro”.

His speach was the Japanese traditional folk tale “Momotaro”.
He vividly expressed the scene of duel, Momotaro vs devils.
His vocal variety was excellent and I enjoyed the Momotaro story very much.

Evaluator TM A.O. evaluated TM J.I..
Evaluator TM K.S. evaluated TM B.H..
Evaluator TM A.S. evaluated TM C.Y..


今夜の言葉はTM A.T.さんより「奮起」でした。

スピーチ #4 (TM R.T.):
CCマニュアル #10: 聞き手を鼓舞する


スピーチ #5 (TM J.S.):
AC-Kマニュアル 物語の話術 #3: ストーリーの教訓

聴衆の笑いを誘っていました。あきらめないTM J.S.は交換日記にこぎつけたそうです。

百見は一考にしかず (100回見ても考えないといけない)
百考は一行にしかず (考えてばかりでなく行動も必要)
百行は一効にしかず (行動するだけでなく成果を出す)
百効は一幸にしかず (成果だけでなくみんなが幸せでないと楽しくない)

論評TM A.T.さんは、TM R.T.さんの論評
論評TM M.Y.さんは、TM J.S.さんの論評

総合論評はTM Y.I.さんよりありました。

ベスト論評賞はTM T.M. A.T.さん
ベストスピーカーはTM R.T.さんとTM J.S.さん
TM R.T.さんはCC10を達成しました。




第 301 回東京インターナショナルトーストマスターズクラブの例会レポート

こんにちは。2018/8/23(水)19 時~21 時に行いました第 301 回の例会レポートです。 会長の TM KA は遅れるので、TM RT が Meeting を開始しました。

今日も、ゲストが3人も参加してくれました! – K san – M san – U san(他の 4つ ToastMaster club 会員)


TMOEは TM KS が担当します。 今日の言葉は TM SEから「まさかの時(に備えて)」という言葉が紹介されました。 次に、ヘルパー紹介と役割説明がありました。 計時係:TM YI と TM TH 集計係:TM ON 文法係:TM

KM 例会レポート:TM HB 最初は、TM HYの日本語スピーチです。 タイトル:家(いえ) 家といえば人それぞれ違うイメージを持ちます。たとえば、実家、家族、建物など。 年代(1950 年~2060 年)を表すグラフを見せながら TM HYは年代率、総人口、一人の女性が産む子 供の数などを説明しました。 2010 年に総人口はピークでしたが、これからも高齢化がすすみます。高齢化を表す指標も、現在 23%ですが 2060 年に 40%になりそう(空家は 30%になる見込)です。 今年の夏休み、自分の実家がある香川県に帰った時、TH HYは子供のころ 7人家族だったことを思 い出したそうです。でも現在は、お兄さんが一人で住んでいます。 今年の初もうでも 4 人(従兄弟いれて)だけでした。4 人のうち未婚が 2人、1人が子供がおらず、1 人だけ結婚して子供がいるとのこと。 家族がいることの良さ、その絆の良さといったことを伝えるスピーチでした。 「皆さんも、帰ってから真剣に自分の家のことを家族と話し合ってみてください。」というメッセー ジを伝えられていました。

テーブル・トピックス(TM ON) 今年は SPORT イベントが多く、ニュースも多く、OLYMPIC も近いと言うことで、SPORT テーマの テーブル・トピックスでした。

質問1 「半端ないって!」と言う気持をいつ感じましたか。

回答1 (TM AO が自ら回答者に立候補して答えました。) 映画には 2D、3D、字幕あり、字幕なしの 4パターンがある中で、知り合いの映画好き の方が、本当に立体の効果があるのかと、3D 映画をゴーグルなしで2時間見るという驚 きの試みをしたことを紹介していました。

質問2 やりたくはなかったが、自分の意思でやらざるを得なかった件を教えてください。

回答2 TM SE 仕事の Project のためインドネシアに行った時に、仕事に熱心ではない他国のメンバーに は、あえて厳しい言葉でしっかり仕事をするように伝えなくてはならなかったという事を 紹介していました。

質問3 予想外に活躍した人が誰であったか教えてください。

回答3 Guest(U-san)はバドミントンのモモタ選手が復活した事が予想外だったとのこと。 ギャンブルで競技の世界から消えた人が、普通復活するのは難しいのにどうやってでき たのだろう、きっと、人間性が変わったのだろうと感じたとの答えでした。

質問4 サマータイムについて賛成・反対ですか。それはなぜですか。

回答4 TM RT は、システムエンジニアという仕事上、 対応がむずかしいことが増えてしまうので反対という意見でした。元号の変更などの予定 もあり、時間がずれるのは社会インフラのいろいろなトラブルの原因になる可能性もあり、 大変なことも多いので、皆でサマータイムへの反対を呼びかけていました。

質問5 上半期の自分の流行語は何でしたか?

回答5 TM KA:子供に対して「半端ない」を Positive に使うこと、という答えでした。

TM HYのスピーチ論評:TM AO から 良かった3点: 1つめは、構成:社会問題から個人の話(広いとピックから小さいトピックへの展開) 2つめは、説明方法:PREP 法の手法で、Point から Reason に流れる、例を含めた良い説明 3つめは、9 年前のスピーチを、再度チャレンジした試み 改善出来る点: 紙に字を書いても見づらいので、コピーして配ればもっと良いと思います。 あわせて、TM AOは、他のメンバーにもスピーチにあった家のメッセージについて帰って考えるこ とも呼び掛けていました。

総合論評:TM KH TM KH は、今回が初めての総合論評でした 今日の例会の部屋は、いつもの 3 倍費用の高い部屋だと紹介して、メンバーを驚かせていました。 例会の Energy を上げるため TMOE が先頭にたって雰囲気を変えたのは良かったと讃えました。 また、TM AOさんは論評の中で TM HYのスピーチのメッセージをさらに後押ししたのはすごい と賞賛しました。

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: English session ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Word Of the evening from TM SE: (for) a rainy day


First speaker: TM RT Evaluator: TM TH Title: Speak out

Several months before met friend in coffee shop with whom I had good relations (Not dating). I send him text message to ask for talk and he said ok. We start talking and asked him “Is there anything you like me to improve/change?” He said nothing. After meeting, he posted sarcastic way comment on twitter. He posted these kinds of comments forfew times. Social media is good, but when comes to relationship, it may be better to talk face to face. How you treat other, others will treat you in the same way. Now I will talk about my professional life. I have 3-4 years senior person in my office in other department. Suddenly it happened that we went to same place for office work. We started normal talk and I complain to him about the same work, the same team, no motivation due to no interact with client. 2 months later, I got the assignment of new project as project leader. I was surprized and then I came to know that the person with whom I talk about new work requested my manager and changed my project. So better to speak-out. You never know from where you could get help. I am busy but happy with the work. —————————————————————————–

Table topics: TM KA 1. Memorable thing of this summer vacation

A. TM HB: My son became 6 years old so I love travel with him. I travelled to Golden triangle (Kyoto Nara Osaka), celebrated birthday party of my son & wife (both has same birthday), will go for camping this weekend. This summer I made lot of good memories.

2. Worst summer memory A. TM KM: About 10 years ago, I went to Germany & one more country with my mom.We stayed at castle hotel (historical place). At that time I had only one junior & he was not that good so need my help often. Due to that I use to see emails in that beautiful hotel & trip. Thinking about work in beautiful hotel was worst memory.

3. Best summer memory A. Guest (M-san): Visited UK in 1st college year. That was first foreign country I travelled. Everything was very interesting. Roommate was from Columbia who shared many cultural things. University was good and visited many churches and sightseeing spots.

Second speaker: TM KM This is third speech of him. Evaluator is TM AS

Title: Human child-birth Words used in the speech (Whiteboard was ready with these words along with Japanese meaning). Primate Go into labor Birth canal Pelvis Neonate There is very complicated process for human to give child birth. Gorilla gives birth alone in 30 mins, its straight. Birth canal of human is small & head size is also increasing. Premature baby are very helpless & bones are very soft. Shoulder bones are soft to pass from canal. There are some reasons to have control gate like scissor section, birth canal is one of them. Thanks my mother to give birth. I didn’t have good relation with mother during my teen age but now my mother also joined TM club so when I go back to home we have common topic to talk.


Evaluator TM TH for first speaker TM RT Good technique to start with soft voice Good body language Good English (she also used word of the day- rainy day) Structure is also good (bad & good experiences to understand better) What I notice can be better: If you use more statistic data, it would be better to capture audience attendance


Evaluator TM AS for second speaker TM KM General clarity is good, ascent, action (easy to focus) Content was very challenging but he explained in easy way Last speech’s challenge was volume & eye contact. I noticed that both improved. If I may suggest something, better to use action & words during speech rather than writing words in whiteboard.


General Evaluator TM KH Everything was very well.


Best Speaker : TM RT Best Table topic speaker : TM U-san(Guest) Best Evaluator : TM AO


TM KA takes over for Business session. He mentioned TMOE role was performed very nicely & managed well. Announcement : TM RT said there is questionnaire behind agenda paper pls have a look if you have time. TM KM completed manual so TM KA handover badge to celebrate. Next meeting on next week (Wednesday). Take guest comments K-san -> Got inspired. I would like to come again M-san -> Thanks for asking Table topic. Specially liked Japanese session. Like to come again. U-san -> Thanks for table topic award. I am member of 4 clubs & Div D director. In last 2 years visited 30 clubs.


President TM KA adjourned meeting #301 here.