[ English Session]
The number of participants Meeting room:7  Online:6   Guest:1   
TITMC President TM MA declared the meeting open on time at 7:00pm.
The TMOE was TM HH, and this was his first TMOE since joining TITMC.
The word of the evening was “Turning Point” shared by TM ON.

++Prepared Speech#1 by TM MK (time: 6’52”)
Title: “An apple to Share”
TM MK gave a heart-warming speech about her husband’s positive changes through his
illness. Her husband was the quintessential 1970’s company warrior and proud of it. Her
husband dedicated his life to his company, rarely took vacations, and prided himself on his
toughness. However, when he became ill in his 50s, he had to undergo rehabilitation such
as military-like training and even tried music therapy. Her husband did not surrender,
became available for help, showed a positive attitude, and grew. She is proud of such a
husband. This story is an apple that can be shared.

The Evaluator was TM WE (time: 3’38”)
TM WE mentioned some good points as follows:
The speaker’s face lit up when she was giving her speech, entertaining the audience.
There was an improvement in vocal variety compared to the first speech. From the content
of the speech, the audience could sense that the speaker was proud of her husband. Her
husband’s example of challenging spirit was empowering to the audience. She ended by
saying that she can’t wait to give her speech at the upcoming area contest.

++Table Topics: by TM MA
Table topics Master TM MA prepared four photos. Each speaker selected one of the photos
and improvised a speech expressing their mood for the day. The Table Topics speeches
are as follows:
TM NK gave a speech related to family circumstances. His daughter has a high school
entrance exam this year. She passed the entrance exam for a private high school, but the
results of the entrance exam for a public high school are not yet available. TM NK said
humorously he wanted more light until his daughter’s result became clear. (time: 2’08”)
TM YU selected a photo of a person holding his head. TM YU gave a speech humorously
saying that the stock he had recently purchased had gone down in price. (time: 1’00”)

GRAHCO’s report was done by TM KK
There was no filler word and no one used “turning point”, which wase word of the evening,
in the session. Interesting words were “company worrier”, “never surrender”, “public school
and private school”

General Evaluation was done by TM KY
TMOE HH performed the first TMOE with great success. For example, he made a
chocolate joke about Valentine’s Day. TM MK gave an almost perfect speech. Evaluator’s
TM WE did a deeper evaluation with a positive and uplifting tone on TM MK

TM ONから、今夜の言葉は、English sessionと同じ「変わり目」と紹介されました。

++準備スピーチ#1  TM NKさん   (time 7’05”)
Pathways: Engaging Humor, Lv3記述的言語の使用
タイトル 「いつもの!」
「Hey, master. いつもの!」という勢いのある入り方でスピーチを開始。食事に言った時、ついつい定番の食事をオーダーする自分と、その一方、オーダーをなかなか決められない同僚と奥さんの対比をし、自分の方が食事を楽しんでいないことに気づき、いつものオーダーをする自分を変えていこうとのこと。食べ物に関わらず、「いつもの!」を止めて、新たな発見、チャレンジを呼びかけるスピーチでした。

論評者(Evaluator)は TM AOさん  (time 3’33”)

++準備スピーチ#2 TM NSさん   (time 6’31”

Pathways: Presentation Mastery, Lv1 Evaluation and Feedback
タイトル 「今 ここ」

論評者(Evaluator)は TM KAさん  (time 3’37”)
良かった点として、間を入れながら、ゆっくりしたスピードで自信を見せながら話をしており、聴衆に安心感を与えることが出来ていたとの指摘。改善点として、リモート参加のため、アイコンタクトが十分でなかった事、オープニングの音叉の音がNoise reduction機能で聞こえなかった事の指摘が有りました。

++準備スピーチ#3  TM KMさん   (time 6’55”)
Pathways: Leadership Development, Lv2 Managing Time
タイトル 「3月13日にむけて」
3月13日のエリアスピーチコンテストのコンテスト委員長を任されているTM KMさんの思いの表明のスピーチでした。ご自身の仕事の経験を活かしながら、自分なりに目標を設定し、じっくりと取り組んでいくつもり。一人では出来ないので、役割分担をお願いし、スケジュールを作成、連携を取りながら進めていきたい。他クラブのサイトを見ることで新たな発見をしている。など、ご自身としても学びの機会として、小さな転機にしていきたいとの、意気込みをかんじさせる内容でした。3月13日のエリアコンテストが、ますます楽しみになりました。

論評者(Evaluator)は TM YUさん  (time 3’33”)

++文法報告:by TM KK
Filler wordは散見されたが、大きくは気にならなかった。

++総合論評:by TM KY
初TMOEのTM HHさんは、例会を進めながら、進行に慣れてきていることが分かった。また、TM ONさんが、今夜の言葉の定義をゲストのために説明したことが良かった。論評者への論評として、以下の指摘が有りました。TM AOさんはスピーチの入り方のコツ、時間構成の指摘が有用で有った。TM KAさんはスピーカーのTM NSの見て欲しいところを適切に指摘していた。TM YUさんはタイトルの聴衆を引き込む効果という面白い観点の指摘をしえいた。改善点として、論評者全員が若干ながら時間オーバーで有った。

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The Best Speaker: TM NS
The Best Evaluator: TM AO
The Best Table Topics :TM NK

by TM ON