Meeting Report Sep 13st, 2023

第436回例会レポート/ Meeting report #436 (September17th, 2023)

本日の司会(Toastmaster of the Evening)は、6年ぶりにTMOEを務めるTM G.K。欠席者が出てクラブのシンボルフラッグがない中、白板にフラッグの絵を描いて例会ムードを盛り上げます。


今夜の言葉(TM W.E): たけなわ 


準備スピーチ1:「音楽を奏でるように」 (TM K.M)

今年6月に本クラブに復帰したTM K.M。過去の自分のスピーチ対する先輩からのフィードバックを見返した際、ボーカルバラエティがワントーンになりがちだったことに気付きます。改善のヒントはないかと考え思い出したのが、以前聴きに行ったメンデルスゾーンのコンサート。ヴァイオリニストによって、音を一つ一つ丁寧に積み重ねるように弾いたり、フレアスカートを穿いた女性が階段を駆け下りるような滑らかさで弾いたりと、スタイルは様々。スピーチのボーカルバラエティも、音楽を奏でるように、自分のスタイルで身に着けていきたいとのことでした。

準備スピーチ1:「私のふるさとの光景」 (TM H.H)

初スピーチとして、自身のルーツを紹介するTM H.H。出身は徳島ののどかな田舎町で、小学校は規模が小さく、高校までクラス替えも経験なし(「好きな子と同じクラスになれた!」と甘酸っぱい経験してみたかったそうな…)。学校の前の駄菓子屋では、子供たちがキン消しのガチャガチャに夢中になったり、地面に直置きのジャンプを買ったり。夏になると駄菓子屋に銛が売られ、それを買ってフナやドジョウ、ナマズ等を捕まえたそうです(中には自分の足を銛で突いて病院送りになる子もいたそうな…)。そんな故郷は今も自然豊か、最近はラフティングで人気のスポットとなっています。

テーブルトピック(即興スピーチ) (出題者:TM Y.U)


(1)試合展開: 人生最大の番狂わせは?(回答者:ゲストY)


(2)ラグビーボール:どちらの結果になるかハラハラした経験は?(回答者:TM A.O)


(3)ノーサイド:何かに取り組んで、チームと称え合った経験は?(回答者:TM T.M)


#1 TM S.EからTM K.Mへの論評


#2 TM M.AからTM H.Hへの論評


[English session]

Word of the evening:  negligible

e.g. The difference was negligible.

1st speech “Zoo” by TM K.K

TM K.K tried English version of Rakugo, the Japanese traditional standup comedy, for the first time in her Toastmasters journey. She told a story of a man who was hired by a financially challenged zoo, which was looking for someone who can pretend to be a tiger. Dressed in the tiger costume, put in the animal cage, what will happen next to that stupid man―?  Sat on the chair with her Japanese fan in her hand, TM K.K performed a wonderful Rakugo and audience couldn’t stop laughing at the funny gestures and humorous development of the story.

2nd speech “”No” Strategy” by TM N.S

Have you ever said “yes” to join an event which you didn’t want to join? TM N.S had confronted such difficulties many times since she didn’t want say “no” to others, especially in the business situations. However always saying yes could cause negative effect both physically and mentally on us and hinder us from seizing better alternative opportunities. Thus, guided by self-development books, TM N.S sort out her priorities and learned when to say no, as well as the ways for refusal in a polite and assertive way. These knowledges helped her to establish her “NO strategy” or “Number One strategy” in her life. At the closing, she beautifully introduced the citation of Wallen Buffet pertaining to the power of saying “no”.

Evaluation for TM K.K by TM A.O

Brilliant performance of famous Rakugo story, successful delivery and closing, cracked audience up. Video recording before the performance to check the voice tone/ volume might help. Also, try to alter the ending part of the original script and create your own version to be an advanced Rakugo performer.

Evaluation for TM N.S by TM T.M

Double-meaning title was curious, the logic and structure were very clear throughout the speech, the storytelling part added persuasiveness and emotion to the business style presentation. To improve more, stand on listeners’ view point and show benefits of “no” strategy for the audience.

General Evaluator, TM K.I praised the hardworking of TMOE G.K to conduct a well-organized meeting, and suggested everyone who use slides to prepared a contingency plan for the tech issues, such as weak Internet connection, to keep the meeting proceed smoothly.

As the closing of this report, congratulations for the prize winners.

The best speaker  TM K.K

The best evaluator  TM M.A

The best Table Topics speaker  TM A.O

Meeting Report Aug 30, 2023

例会レポート#435 / Meeting Report #435

Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting

2023年8月30日 / Aug 30, 2023

Hybrid meeting : Zoom online / きゅりあん4


今夜の司会はTM KMさん、柔らかくアットホームな雰囲気で会が進行されました。本日は他クラブから複数のゲスト参加もあり、クラブ間交流にも繋がる大変盛り上がる会となりました。

[English Session]

TM ON presented the Word of the Evening; “Words related to the sun.” Rather than picking one word, TMs were encouraged to select a wide range of words that are related to the sun. Very creative setting! Some of the words used are Energetic, Hot, Sun/Moon, Brilliant…

  • Prepared Speech #1 “Evaluation: What a Wonderful Skill” by TM MK  (Time 7:47)

TM MK shared her experience and perspective about “Evaluation.” She was deeply touched by the thoughtful, kind, and forward-looking feedback then. 3 insights about a good evaluation were pointed out: Feedback (Information) vs. Advice (Opinion, Behavior vs. Person, and Consideration for the background. She concluded by suggesting TMs to apply this evaluation skills to daily lives, which would lead to better relationships.

Evaluation for Prepared Speech #1 by TM GK (Time 3:31)

TM GK commented that TM MK made improvement on the points provided at the last evaluation. He also shared his suggestion about tempo & tone, which would make the TM MK’s speech livelier. TM GK also shared his thought on the stage/space usage. He pointed out that maybe TMs can all consider moving around the stage and using more space.

  • Prepared Speech #2 “Inspiration by one runner” by TM YU (Time 5:09)

TM YU shared his experience from his last full marathon. He translated 42.195km to the distance between familiar cities (Ooimachi to Chiba or to Yokosuka) to demonstrate the length to non-runners, which was very effective. He then talked about his hard race with vivid description and one man who gave TM YU inspiration and positive influence which pushed TM YU to cross the finish line. TM YU then concluded that this kind of inspired experience could happen at TMC as well.

Evaluation for Speech #2 by TM NH (Time 4:00)

TM NH commented on the use of vivid description which made the speech more relatable to non-runners. She also praised about the clear structure of the speech. On her suggestive feedback, she mentioned that varying Rhythm in his speech could make the speech more interesting.

  • Today’s Table Topics by TM JS

TM JS prepared 3 topics based on the recent news/trend.

Topic 1: Related to Super Moon, “What would you do if you landed on the Moon?”

Answered by TM CC from Fukuoka TMC (Time 2:05)

She wants to jump as high as possible on the moon since she is not very athletic on Earth.

Topic 2: Related to the treated water released from the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, “Are you for or against the news?”

Answered by TM ON (Time 1:51)

He supports the decision to discharge the treated water. He took the position based on the reason that the water is well treated and there is no damage to the environment.

Topic 3: Related to Shohei Otani, “If you have a chance to talk to him in person, what would you tell him?”

Answered by TM KM from Hiroshima Phoenix (Time 2:10)

“What is your motivation to play baseball, especially doing both pinching and batting?”

“Which do you enjoy the most, pitcher or batter?”

“How would you like to use the money you have?”

“What type of person would you like to get married to?”

  • General Evaluation by TM AO 

TM AO praised evaluators’ pertinent feedbacks. He also suggested to all TMs that we all need to remind ourselves about the hybrid environment, to pay attention both to the audience in person and virtual setting.


TM ONさんから今夜の言葉が共有されました。英語セッションの「Sun」から派生して、「月」の満ち欠け(Wax and Wane)が紹介されました。さすが、TM ON。そこから一捻りを加え、相反する言葉として、増えたり減ったり、行ったり来たり、満ちたり欠けたりなどを今夜の言葉として提案されました。

  • 準備スピーチ1 「褒めますか?」 TM KI (時間 6:20)

褒め事・叱る事について、TM KIご自身の経験と周囲の方々を観察した気づきから、褒めることの難しさや深さを考察したスピーチでした。途中、登場人物との関係を具体的且つユーモアを交えて描写している点が印象的でした。話し掛けるような親しみのある言葉選びで親近感がもてるスピーチでした。最後は、TM KIが腹落ちした褒められた体験を共有すると共に、相手が受け止め易い褒め方を意識すべき点を示唆してまとめられました。

準備スピーチ1への論評 TM MA (時間 3:38)

TM MAから、タイトルや具体的な登場人物の描写に惹きつけられる点の評価があり、今後に向けてのフィードバックとしては、スピーチの構成をサポートする接続詞の効果的な使い方について言及がありました。

  • 準備スピーチ2 「サマータイムブルース」 TM TI (時間 7:30)

中1の娘さんのエピソードについてのスピーチでした。「夏と冬、どちらが好きか?」という娘さんからの質問をきっかけとして、TM TIの季節に関する様々なエピソードから、季節にまつわる音楽、友人の音楽にまつわる面白いエピソード、歌の歌詞からまた季節に繋げる構成で、聴衆を惹きつける工夫が盛りだくさんのスピーチでした。最後は、娘さんへの質問への答えと本当に好きな季節が異なっていたサプライス、そして娘さんへの深い愛情を表現したほっこりとする展開でした。

準備スピーチ2への論評 TM ON (時間 4:03)

TM ONから魅力的なタイトルや効果的な擬音の使い方など、3つの良かった点が共有されました。前回の論評を踏まえて改善していた点についても言及がありました。今後に向けてのフィードバックとしては、登場人物を娘さんだけに絞っても十分魅力的なコンテンツだったのではという言葉がありました。

  • 総合論評 TM AO


  • 本日の受賞者

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM KM

Best Evaluator:TM GK

Best Speaker: TM YU



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