Meeting Report April 25. 2018

Meeting Report – April 25th, 2018

Opening with TM. K.S, the president of the club.
TOME was TM. R.T for the first time.
Word of the evening was “Utopia” provided by TM.T.M.
He says “Toastmaster is the Utopia for me as an example”.
The other roles are
Timer : T.M. T.H,
GRACHO : T.M. T.M kindly volunteered for the English session.
JP session was T.M. E.S. as originally assigned.
Mtg Reporter: T.M. K.H

First prepared speech was delivered by T.M. H.S. Its title was “Stone Soup”.
He introduced this famous fable.
He closed his speech with the question “ What is the stone for you ?”
Evaluator was T.M. E.K.

Table Topic Master was T.M. A.O. 5 good questions
When you hear Utopia, what come to your mind ? T.M. O. answered.
Is there anyone who influences you most ? T.M. K.H. answered.
What is the worst experience ? T.M. T.H. answered.
If you can talk with an animal, what animal do you choose ? T.M. E.S. answered.
If you were a table topic master, what question would you ask ? T.M. T.M answered.

End of English session –

今夜の言葉 “ひとかたない” ひとかた=普通、普通ではないの意味
準備スピーチ#1 “The Brainstorming Session”  ACマニュアル
タイトル 「クラブのもの=みんなのもの=私のもの?」 発表者 T.M.K.M.
論評はT.M. K.I

準備スピーチ#2 CCマニュアル#3
タイトル 「初めの一歩」 発表者 T.M. Y.I.
論評はT.M. K.H.

Best Speaker: T.M. Y.I.
Best Evaluator: T.M. K.I.
Best Table Topics: T.M. K.H.

新メンバー加入 T.M. Mさん – 宜しくお願いします!!
ゲスト Iさん 1回目

T.M. C.Yさんから District 76 Spring Conference, Spark May 11-13 の宣伝あり