MEETING REPORT May 12h, 2021

Meeting report May 12th, 2021
Tokyo International Toastmasters club meeting #373
*The meeting was held online via Zoom due to COVID-19 pandemic

TM K.K. kicked off the meeting and showed his appreciation to the club members as he is finishing his one-year term as the president at the end of June. It was a great reminder that the election of officers for 2021-2022 will be held soon. Then he broke the ice by sharing some stories about fun things he did with his family staying home during Golden Week holidays. One was cooking beef stew on Mother’s Day, and another was enjoying Karaoke at home using an app.

R.T. served as the TMOE. Expanding the topic, she mentioned her brother’s wedding ceremony during the holidays. She reported that her wedding speech was a great success. As TM N.H. said, it was great to hear of the result like getting feedback.

The word of the evening was “harbinger” introduced by TM F.G. It means ‘something that foreshadows a future event / something that gives an anticipatory sign of what is to come’.

Role takers
Timer: TM M.T. Vote counter: TM R.T. GRACHO/General evaluator: TM N.H. Meeting Reporter TM H.A.

Prepared speech #1: TM K.M.
Speech title: “To be the ‘same’ and ‘different’”

The speech started throwing a question: “Do you like traveling oversea?”. She is a big fan of traveling and has an experience of living abroad in childhood. Then she talked about her childhood memories of not being treated equally and feeling as an outsider in Australia.
Picking up some sad incidents happening around the world due to “being different”, she continued raising a question “What is being different?”
By comparing her two different travel experiences in China, she found a clue to answer the question of “being different”. In Guilin (桂林市) local people treated her as Japanese but in Ningbo (寧波市) she was mistakenly treated as Chinese. She concluded that it depends on who she was with. “I am who I am” the word she said sounded like a great mindset when you face with some problems caused by being “the same” and “different”.

Evaluation for the speech #1: TM J.S.
TM J.S. mentioned three good points and one suggestion for improvement. Firstly, the story was good because the speech was based on speaker’s own experience and driven by traveling. That helped the speech understandable. Secondary, using some visuals helped listeners imagine where she was. Thirdly, her friendly facial expression kept getting listener’s attention. The suggestion was the speech would be more powerful by having some more intonation like up and down or putting a pause and improving vocal variety.

Prepared speech #2: TM O.N.
Speech title: “Root”
The speech started with one thing everyone has thought about at least once in school. He recently got a question from his son, “Why should I study something you never use?”. Back in his junior high, he had the same question wondering why he had to study square root (√). He had been thinking it’s never used in social life, however, he recently changed his opinion on square root as he found it is hidden in many places. For example, A3 or A4 paper has an aspect ratio of 1 to √2 and which is called “silver ratio”. And he also showed that ratio is used in Horyu-ji temple(法隆寺)and in Draemon (ドラえもん). Next he introduced an idea of “golden ratio” which has 1 to (1+√5)/2 ratio. It is used in the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa and business cards. He pointed out how beautiful they are, and square root seems more important as you feel its beaty.

Evaluation for the speech #2: TM N.K.
TM N.K. picked up three good points and some suggestions for improvement. The first is starting the speech with a general question which is why we must study. The second is that the speech was persuasive because it delivered his own idea which was “math makes our life happy”. The third is giving some examples effectively reinforced the speaker’s message. One of the suggestions was bringing his core message to introduction part as it is persuasive speech. Another is using vocal variety and making eye contact.

General evaluation: TM N.H.
To TM J.S.
The evaluation had a clear structure giving three good points and one suggestion. It was better to mention the speaker’s last speech since it was her second speech. And It would be more detailed if TM J.S. shared which story he liked.

His evaluation had also a clear structure. And it was good that he shared some techniques that would be helpful for everyone. However it’s better to speak more slowly.

Overall TM N.H. said it was great to hear some happy stories during the holidays from TM K.K. and TM R.T. They created a good meeting atmosphere. And she commented both TM K.M.’s. and TM O.N.’s speech ware really nice.
今夜の言葉はTM F.G.さんより「○○の兆し」でした。「物事が起こることを予想されるようなしるし」という意味です。亀甲のひび割れが漢字の由来になっているそうです。

計時係:TM M.T. 集計係:TM R.T. 文法係/総合論評TM N.H. 例会レポート係 TM H.A.

準備スピーチ#1:TM Q.E.

入会後初の自己紹介スピーチを披露して頂きました。来日して11年経つTM Q.E.さんが今でも「なぜ日本に来たのか」と頻繁に聞かれるため、その理由を詳しく説明してくださいました。
マレーシア出身の彼女はテレビ番組に出演していた中島美嘉さんの歌唱力とスタイルに強烈に心を惹きつけられました。それから彼女のリサーチを始め、そして歌を理解するために日本語を学ぶようになります。そしていつか生で中島美嘉さんを見たいと思うようになりました。当時高校生だったTM Q.E.さんは国の奨学金制度を使い日本への留学を果たします。そして来日1年目で中島美嘉さんのライブを訪れ、号泣したそうです。日本に来たのは中島美嘉さんのファンだからというシンプルな理由を語ってくれたTM Q.E.さんでしたが、今も長く住んでいるのは人の温かさや優しさ、また住みやすさを感じているからであり、これからも日本でいい思い出をつくっていきたいという温かい言葉でスピーチを締めくくって下さいました。

準備スピーチ#1への論評:TM K.K.

準備スピーチ#2:TM A.O.
人生には3つの坂がある、上り坂、下り坂、そして“まさか!”ということで冒頭、先月の第93回アカデミー賞で起きたある出来事についてTM A.O.さんは触れていきます。主演男優賞は昨年逝去したチャドウィック・ボーズマンさんが有力視されるなか、受賞したのはなんとアンソニー・ホプキンスさん。しかも本人は「受賞すると思っていなかった」ということで会場にはいなかったという“まさか!”の事態が起きたという内容でした。

準備スピーチ#2への論評:TM M.Y.

総合論評:TM N.H.
To TM K.K.


例会全体に対しては、4人それぞれの個性が輝くスピーチだったこと、TMOE TM R.Tさんの高いファシリテーション力、TM F.Gさんの機知に富んだ今夜の言葉のチョイスを良かった点としてピックアップされました。

教育担当 TM R.T.:次回のスピーカー募集中、ただし30分程度の役員選挙があるので人数未定です。