MEETING REPORT Sep 9th, 2020

Meeting Report (#355) Sep. 9 ,2020
[English session]
It was the 7th meeting which we had both online and at venue. We had 2 guests on that day.

The word of the evening presented by TM SE was “High time”. In Japanese “SHIODOKI”.

-1st speech “The Third Idea” presented by TM HY (time: 6’43)
The objective of his speech was to develop or enhance the understanding of the steps and strategies to address conflict. He introduced a story that under COVID-19 situation,how his boss took the higher view to solve the problem of San-Mitsu,and he was so encouraged of this idea.He conclused that to solve a problem will have close communication,higher view point and overlook the situations.

TM AO’s comment to TM HY was; the purpose was clear, good situation,and seasonal topic as well. the room for improvement is expressing more detail of the problem will be better.

-2nd speech “Contest Project” presented by TM TM (time:7’04)
His speech objective was to apply his leadership knowledge to develop a project plan organize a guidance committee. He passionately appealed with humor that he wants to host a private contest in our club without stiff rules. Someone who wants to join it just please to contact with him.he asked the TM members.

TM ON’s comment to TM TM was; (1) the speech was very interesting with humors, made audience laugh. He was very professional as well. The suggestion was if he introduce some contest ideas will be much better.

TM RK gave us very constructive Gracho’s report.


準備スピーチ#3 Persuasive Influence 「神々とドラゴン」TM FGさん(time 6’13”)

TM FGさんへの論評者はTM NHさん (time 3:20)
いつもながら明るく歯切れのよい口調で、オーディエンスの心のつかみ方が上手と、褒めるところから始まります。スライドもとても見やすくてすばらしい!!サジェスチョンとしては、ポーズをとってみるとか、Vocal Varietyを使ったら、もっと良かったではと。次回も楽しみにしています!

準備スピーチ#4 プレゼンテーションマステリィ「テーブルトピックは怖くない!」 TM NKさん (7’18)
TM NKさんへの論評はTM RTさん(3‘13)、初めから、「ちょっと厳しい論評になるかもしれない」と宣言し、一気に緊張感が高まり、なかなかうまいテクニックだなと感じた。
総合論評は、TM KSさん。TM RTさんの論評への論評、ZOOM+きゅりあんのhybrid例会の準備への労い、TM MAさんのおかげで、会場全体にカメラを設置、雰囲気をより分かり易くなり、そしてTMOE KKさんの素晴らしい時間管理と配慮に富んだ進行に感謝しました。また、アイスブレーカーで披露した、「地球全体が静まり、自分自身と対話」を美しい表現として挙げられました。

The Best Speaker :TM TM
The Best Evaluator: :TM NH