MEETING REPORT Feb 12th, 2020

[English Session]
English Session started on time at 19:00, by the Gabel of our President, TM AT.
President AT introduced today’s guest and introduced TMOE, TM RT.
TMOE RT started English Session very warmly.
At first, helpers introduced their roles;
Word of the evening “ADORE” was introduced by TM KS, followed by the introduction of Timer by TM AO, Vote Counter by TM KS, GRAHCO by TM MA, and Meeting Reporter by TM RK.
Next, one of the most exciting session, Prepared Speech Session has started.
Prepared Speech #1
Competent Communication Manual #8 “Get Comfortable with Visual Aids”
Title: “How to Take Photos ~ for Beginners ~” by TM AT (Time: 7’30”)
This project is to practice using visual aids effectively while making speeches/presentations. 
TM AT talked about 3 tips for beginners to take nice pictures; “boke”, “brightness” and “color temperature”. She showed us nice pictures she took, and we could feel that it is not too difficult to take better pictures in our daily lives.
Evaluation by TM NK (Time: 2’57”)
TM AT’s explanation was very easy to understand and we felt like we can take good photos. To make this speech more effective, it would be great if the photos on the slides were much bigger, and adjust background colors based on the atmosphere of each photo.
Prepared Speech #2
Pathways: Persuasive Influence: Level 2 #2 “Active Listening”
Title: “Hey, Mr./Ms. President!” By TM NH (Time: 7’30”)
This project includes handling a Table Topics Session in the speech. TM NH suggested to make a new Toastmasters Club “Tokyo International Doggies and Kitties TMC”, and held “Club President Elections”. TM NH appointed 3 “candidates” and let them to make election speeches.
Special Version of Table Topics Session
Q1 What is one original rule of this club?: TM TH “Let’s bring our dogs/cats to the meeting!”
Q2 How do we get new members?: TM MA “Welcome guests with nice foods!”
Q3 What is your passion for dogs and cats? TM TK “Prepare toys for animals!”
The result will be announced at the end of the meeting.
Evaluation by TM RK (Time: 3’10”)
The topic was interesting. Organizing Table Topics Session within 7 minutes is almost impossible, but TM NH handled this session with 3 speakers very well. Great time management. It would be greater if TM NH commented on each speech, not only summarizing what the speaker had said.
General Evaluation by TM TH
Both of the speech evaluators were commenting on details of each Prepared Speech, with timely topics.
後半の日本語セッションはTMOE RTさんの声がけにより時間通りに開始されました。
タイトル「リターンマッチ」by HSさん(時間:7’30”
タイトル「メメントモリ」by KAさん(時間:7’30”
総合論評 THさん
・ベストスピーカー/Best SpeakerNHさん
・ベストテーブルトピックス/Best Table Topics (President of the new TMC!?)THさん
・ベスト論評/Best EvaluatorAOさん