Meeting Report June 13. 2018

Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #297(13th, June, 2018) Meeting Report


本日のToastMasters of the Eveningは筋肉隆々のSさん。「いきなりステーキ」が大井町に出来たことをネタに笑いをとって司会を開始しました。



本日の日本語準備スピーチは、Hさん。CCマニュアル#7Research your topics。タイトルは「もう一度 ZAIYICI」。内容は、定年まであと10年となり、会社で50歳研修を受講してみての自分の思いを話されました。中国での営業が最近増えてきており、中国語のトーストマスターズクラブへ、最近入会されたという落ちで締めくくりとなりました。




English Session

Today’s Word of the Evening was “Footsteps” by TM Y.

The first prepared speech was CC Manual Project5 “Your body speaks” Title“Can you escape stress in a box?” by TM H.

He often gets stress from customers, a boss, and colleagues at work. One day He went to Karaoke box and yelled in it. He found that there were so many people who used Karaoke box for the same objects. He succeeded in releasing stress at the Karaoke box. But he finally noticed that this type of action was meaningful.

The second prepared speech was Pathways, Icebreaker, Title”Return” by TM Y.

He told us why he returned to the Toastmasters after two years’ absence. He was engaged in a lot of roles such as vice president, president, area governor, division governor one after the other for a long time. His job also became busy at that time. He was exhausted at his business. But one day he remembered Toastmasters club members’ gentle faces and decide to return.

Evaluation for 1st prepared speech was done by TM T.

She pointed out three good points and one suggestion. The speech had clear structure, the story was very humorous, and good body language. The suggestion was to show negative emotion more when he faced stress.

Evaluation for 2nd prepared speech was done by TM T.

She pointed out that great speech construction and sufficient body language.

One suggestion was that he used too many Toastmaster’s technical terms to make gests understood.

General Evaluation was done by TM K.

She praised the TMOE performed well under the condition there were many agenda changes compared to ordinary meetings.

Awards are as follows:

Best Evaluator: TM Y

Best speaker: TM H