Tokyo International Toastmasters Club Meeting #298(27th, June, 2018) Meeting Report

Toastmaster of the evening was TM O.N.
The word of the day was “Revitalize” by TM R.T.

Speech #1 (TM A.O.):
Pathways Icebreak
The title “Starting Over”.

He talked about why he joined Toastmasters Club.
As a magician, he thought he needed a better presentation skill to attract audience.
Tonight, he performed one of his magic tricks on live and it ended successfully .

Table Topic by TM R.K. (She kindly took this role.):
1) What is the most memorable speech in this term? (TM A.T. said TM A.O.’s speech.)
2) What do you want to achieve in 2018-2019? (TM K.S. said “Go out club with members”.)
3) What do you want to do as an area level event in next term? (TM R.T. said debate competition.)

Speech #2 (TM B.H.):
Pathways Icebreak
The title “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

He introduced himself and talked about why he joined Toastmasters Club.
He also talked about his hometown.
Then his story went into his message “will”, like studying hard and working hard
leading to his current achievements.
That was inspiring speech.

Evaluator TM A.S., her first evaluation in a long while.
Evaluator TM T.M., his evaluation was perfect to motivate TM B.H.