When you are the timer…
When explaining your role, please mention the purpose of timing (to help
members speak concisely within limited time), when to raise flags, and what
happens if a speaker go overtime (s/he will be ineligible for voting).
Please keep raising the flags while the speakers/evaluators are speaking –
for example, when you raise the green flag at 5 minutes, hold up the flag
for 1 minutes until you change the flag to yellow. When the speaker goes
overtime, put down the flag to notify him/her about the timing limit.
If you are unsure about the timing rules (when to raise the green/yellow/red
flags, when to report timing etc.), please ask your mentor in advance!
When doing the timer and other roles (such as a prepared speaker), ask a
member sitting beside you to take your role while you do another role. After
that, get the timing devices back and do your timing job for other speakers.
If possible, sit beside an experienced member, so that you can get help
from him/her when you are unsure.