Timer’s role introduction (English)

This is just a sample, so speak with your own words as much as possible. In case
there are speeches that are not 5-7 min. (e.g. Icebreaker), explain the different
timing rules as well.
In our social life, it is very important to speak concisely within a limited time. A speech that
drags on and on will lose the interest of the audience and waste their time. In Toastmasters,
the Timer helps the speakers speak on time.
I, as today’s timer, keep track of time using a stopwatch. In case of Table Topics, I will raise
the green flag at one minute (show the green flag), yellow flag at one and a half minutes
(show the yellow flag) and red flag at two minutes (show the red flag) to indicate that the
speaker need to wrap up his or her speech soon. Likewise, the prepared speeches are timed
and flags are raised at five, six and seven minutes, and for evaluations, two minutes, two and
a half minutes and three minutes. If the speaker goes overtime or undertime as shown in the
chart on the whiteboard, he or she will not be eligible for voting, so please be careful! Fellow
Toastmasters, let’s run a time-conscious meeting.