Meeting Report August 10th, 2022

Meeting #407

The meeting started with a greeting by our president TM N.H.

As we are told we will have “Workout” in the meeting, attended members put on colorful clothes than a usual meeting!

Today’s TMOE was our past president, TM R.T.

The meeting started with the word of the day.

Today’s word was “Change” because it is the timing of the change from summer to autumn.

1st speaker was TM N.H.  The title was “Try and shine”, which is synchronized with our club slogan, “the more you try, the more you shine!.

The speech time was shorter than usual, 2-3 minutes.

It was the project kick-off speech to join the flyer contest! From the speech, we can easily understand what she is going to do, the steps we follow, and the expected members as well in a concise manner.

Each slide page gave us a good image of what she was going to explain.

Also, we could feel the power to motivate even in a short speech time!

Table topics were pretty special.

TM F.G gave us a certain sound, and then the speaker was requested to make a story from the image of the sound.

1st speaker/ TM A.O

The sound was like a round of applause.  It reminds him of his actual experience at a magic show.

(TM A.O was actual magician, and he got a great applause at his magic performance!)

2nd speaker/ TM K.K

The sound was like the cheerful voice of kids.  Voice of kids is enjoyable.

even though voice of kids is sometimes bothering especially when we are busy, thinking about current situation, Kids are precious…

3rd Speaker/ TM T.M

The sound was like the booing by the kids.

Recently my wife get angry because 3 neighbor kids sometimes broke into the garden of my home and damage it.

The sound remind me of their voice while they are playing in the garden!

4th speaker/ TM R.T

The sound was like the sound of UFO!?

When she was five years old, she saw a shadow sleeping in a tatami room…

and then, her grandmother’s passing a few days later…It was the unforgettable event.

5th speaker/ TM S.E

The sound was like the sound of wave.

TM S.E created the story of the cat. The cat is scared of the sound and tries to run away while calling meow meow!

Then TM S.E firmly hugged the cat so that the cat would never go to the dangerous place.

The evaluator for the TM N.H’s speech was TM M.A.

She mentioned good points of speech organization, visual aid, smile during the speech, and gestures.

Also she mentioned that the speech motivated the VPPR, who is in charge of club PR.

She suggested the speech must be more impressive if there is a surprise for audience within the speech.

The general evaluator was TM S.E.

He felt the comfortable atmosphere of the meeting (he was on the business trip) and enjoyed the special taste table topics a lot!

For the evaluator TM M.A, TM S.E suggest variation of positive words (Beautiful, Wonderful, Great, etc)

日本語の部は、TM O.Nさんによる今日の言葉「移ろい」から始まりました。

TM A.Oさんによる準備スピーチのタイトルは「他クラブ例会参加報告」








TM A.Oさんへの論評は、今日が初めての論評というTM K.Kさん。



総合論評のS.Eさんは、TM K.Kさんの論評は、最初の論評にも関わらず構成がしっかりしていたところ、自分の経験を絡めて論評することで論評者の立ち位置が良く見えてきたのが良かったとのコメント。


本日のベストTable Topics SpeakerはTM.R.Tさん

Best論評者はTM M.Aさん

BestスピーカーはTM N.Hさんでした!拍手!