MEETING REPORT Jul 29th, 2020

Meeting Report (#351) July 29 ,2020
[English session]
It was the 3rd meeting which we had both online and at venue. We had 4 guests on that day.

The word of the evening presented by TM KK was “Well done”. He chose this word since this word is related to the doneness of steak, and it was “the day of meat” or niku-no-hi in Japanese language (this is pun, because it was July 29th and in Japanese we can read “29” as “ni-ku”, which means “meat”).

-1st speech “To Enjoy It” presented by TM MA (time: 7’43)
The objective of her speech was to share her leadership style, and at the opening of her speech, she mentioned that her ideal leader is someone who shows the vision. Then she looked back at her carrier as an architect. She mentioned that 1 of the most important skills of an architect is showing their visions, or images of the architecture to be built, and be honest to what we believe is good. At the end she claimed that Toastmaster’s Pathways is the useful tool to grow each person’s leadership style, which has diverse courses to meet each learner’s demands.

TM AO’s comment to TM MA was; (1)the topic was good, because it is an essential function of leaders to show their visions to the team, (2)her attitude was great, because when she forgot her script, she tried to continue the speech without reading the script in her hand, and (3) the room for improvement is time management, because the speech was overtime.

-2nd speech “Cinderella vs COVID-19” presented by TM RT (time:7’04)
Her speech objective was to use the visual aid effectively, and she chose to tell us her half-own-made fairy tale based on Cinderella, with beautiful slides move like an electric picture book. In her Cinderella story, COVID-19 was wide spread in the kingdom, and Cinderella was a clever woman who helped the people from COVID-19 and won prince’s heart at the same time. It was a story sprinkled with humors, e.g. the alarm of 12 o’clock was not the sound of bells but the beep of iPhone.

TM SE’s comment to TM RT was; (1) the title was good, because the audience couldn’t guess what kind of story would be told from the title, and that makes audience excited, (2) the slide were great, because it looked beautiful, was easy to catch, and very effective to attract audience’s attentions, and (3) the storyline was well prepared, because I could hear a lot of laughter from the audience, which means many people were enjoying your story and the humors.

今夜の言葉は、英語セッションに続き29(にく)にちなんで・・・「がっつり」! この言葉、わりと新しく広まったようで北海道起源説が有力とか。さぁ、日本語セッションも「がっつり」行きましょう!
準備スピーチ#3 Presentation Mastery 「2791日」  TM NKさん (time 7’34”)
TM NKさんの謎かけのようなスピーチタイトルは、彼がリーダーシップについて学び始めてからの日数、つまりtoastmasters歴、でした!ご自身がtoastmastersで出会った感銘を受けた人物のリーダーシップスタイルについてご紹介くださいました。「やる気にさせるのが上手いリーダー」「不安を払拭するのが上手いリーダー」そして「ユーモアの上手いリーダー」を、ご自身との具体的なエピソードをユーモアに交えて披露。最後にもう一度まとめて目指すリーダーシップ像を語るという、よく構成され、分かりやすい内容でした。また、ゲストを含めてこれからtoastmastersで学んでゆく人にとって、素晴らしい人物との出会いとリーダーシップ体験を予感させる、輝きのあるスピーチでした。
TM NKさんへの論評者はTM TMさん (time 3:25)

Table Topicsコーナー。今回はVPE(教育担当係)としての責任感に満ちたTM RTさんが、例会に関する皆さんの考えを伺うような、でもぶっ飛んだ、Topicsを用意しました。
A:例会がロシア語だった!?全く分からない内容では逃げ出すしかない。(TM SEさん 0:52)
A:楽しい活動が見ることができる例会!自分の能力を身に付けられるだけでなく楽しめる例会!(ゲストFさん 0:45)
A:(あのスプーン曲げの超能力者、ユリ・ゲラーは実はマジシャンだったことから・・・)自分はマジシャンなのでマジックで超能力スピーチができるので・・・、乞うご期待!(TM AOさん1:55)
A:当然、宇宙語で宇宙チャンピオンを決めることになるだろう。トーストは世界30万人の会員のいる多言語に広がる組織、みんなでコミュニケーションは当然です。(TM NKさん 1:34)
途中で、TM NKさんからTable Topicsのコツの披露もありました。なるほどー!!
総合論評は、TM JSさん。TM TMさんの論評への論評、ZOOM+きゅりあんのhybrid例会の準備への労い、そしてTMOE NHさんの素晴らしい時間管理と配慮に富んだ進行に感謝しました。会議室からのZOOM参加、きゅりあん会場へ来たい!お気持ち伝わりました。お待ちしてます!
The Best Speaker :TM RT
The Best Evaluator: :TM TM
The Best Table Topics Speaker :TM NK