MEETING REPORT Jun 10th, 2020

Meeting report
#348 Tokyo International TMC online meeting
We’ve had several times online meetings before this meeting, so we’re getting use to sitting
in front of our PC or Tablet. There were no guests, but we gathered on time.
As same as ordinal meeting, our president TM T called #348 TITMC online meeting started.
Participants looked relax, because they attended this meeting from their home.
Tonight, we had English session for the first half. Tonight’s MC, TMOE was TM AI. He is
always calm and relaxed. (I love his way of talking and making interesting speeches.)
In the role introductions, each role takers briefly explained their roles.
And, today’s word of the evening was “suddenly ( or sudden)” showed by TM “KJ”.
Next was prepared speech #1, by TM “O”. He always made speech with magic or jokes.
His speech was Pathways Level 3 project, “Know Your Sense of Humor” and speech title
"This joke always gets a laugh”. I thought this project was most suitable for TM “O”.
He made his speech introduced jokes and asked audience whether those jokes were funny
or not (how did audience feel).
He showed 7 jokes, and asked “Did you understand this joke and feel funny?”
Some of jokes weren’t understood in a short time, but I thought 80% of them were
understood and felt funny.
One of the jokes I liked most was below.
“I received an invitation of Apple computer's dinner party.
There are two notes were written in it.
One, please enjoy foods as you please. But do not fill your stomach with foods.
Two, you may talk with anyone freely. But please avoid intelligent topics.
At first, I was puzzled suddenly I understood.
It's based on Stay hungry, stay foolish policy.
Next was table topics session by TM “KN”.
This was the first time our club had table topics session at the online meeting.
She sent a line male beforehand to think about her table topic question.
She asked some questions with showing a matryoshka doll, souvenir from Russia about
#1: Please tell your memorable “item” you have and why.
TM H answered, “Scarf”. That was sent from her mother. And she traveled abroad
with that scarf.
#2: Please tell your “item” you want to give ( or recommend) someone and why.
TM KJ answered “Cushion”. And he wanted to give it to TM KN, because he thought TM
KN was hard worker. He wanted her to be refreshed and relaxed.
#3: Please tell your most harsh memory about the “item” you have.
TM AI answered ”A Pokempon” ball for Game of Pokemon Plus. He had enjoyed
“Pokemon go” walking around everywhere. But he lost it (previous one), and had to get
another one.
#4: Please tell how did you met your “item”.
TM N answered “Balance chair”. He found it in a library. And he felt it was confortable.
#5: please tell your love to the “item” you have.
TM Y answered “old clock”. He bought it when he was junior high school student. He
loved that clock so much that he brought it for oversea travel.
We fully enjoyed TM KN’s table topic session!
Next, evaluation for TM O’s prepared speech by TM H,
I felt TM H always evaluates logically, and she did so tonight.
She mentioned TM O’s jokes, humor and surrealism.
She praised TM O’s way of starting speech and grubbing audience’s attention.

Also she suggested that where was TM O’s speech goal? Audience enjoyed your speech
but she felt his speech goal was vague,.
General evaluator was TM M, suddenly assigned tonight.
In spite of attending after long time, she did superb General evaluation.
She described concisely how our club’s online meeting was going, and evaluated TM H’s
evaluation for TM O. Thank you TM M.
First half, English session had finished. And each attendee took a break.
計時係はTM T、投票係はTM E、文法係はTM KI、例会レポート係はTM Y。
「今夜の言葉」はTM KJから「おそるおそる」という言葉を選出されました。コロナ禍か
準備スピーチ1人目はTM SG。
Pathways: Innovative PlanningのLevel 1: Evaluation and Feedback (Japanese)
(2nd speech)です。
スピーチタイトルは「 クリスマスが過ぎて、そして。」
TM SGが仲間と自作のオーディオドラマをWeb上に公開したことを前回のスピーチで紹介
準備スピーチ2人目はTM AK。
Pathways:洞察力に富むコミュニケーションのLevel 1: リサーチとプレゼンテーション
仕事柄、建物に関して造詣の深いTM AK。今回は住宅の「継承」、神戸にある洋館、街の
TM SGの準備スピーチに対する論評はTM SW。
TM SGのオーディオドラマに対して、周囲の人やWeb上で受け取った意見・感想に対して
TM AKの準備スピーチに対する論評はTM N。
オンラインでの接続状態が悪く、TM AKのスピーチの6割位しか聞き取れなかったとのこ
とでしたが、条件が悪い中でもしっかりと論評をされていました。TM AKのスピーチでは

総合論評は英語の部に引き続き、TM Mが担当。
についても言及。特にイタリアの街を背景にしたTM SWの画面が秀逸でした。
また、TM KIの画面には、かわいい「猫ちゃん(TM Eの家の猫ちゃん)」を取り込んで頭
…)テーブルトピックスピーカーは、TM HとTM A、
ベスト論評者は TM SW
そして、ベストスピーカーはTM Aでした。TM Aおめでとうございます!!
Report By TM Y.