MEETING REPORT Dec 25th, 2019

Report (#337) by TM S.E. 

[ English Session ]

The meeting was scheduled to be the special Christmas party style with food & drink.

TM AO declared the opening of the session by toasting at 19:00 sharp.

Today’s TMOE is TM HB

The word of the evening “Eyes opening” presented by TM RT 

The roll takers: Timer.…TM MA, Vote Counter….TM TM, Grahco….TM AO,

Meeting Report…TM SE

It was chilly outside but the meeting room was getting warm and cozy by friendly conversation, drinking, and eating.

  • Prepared Speech #1 by TM RK (Time: 7’30”)

Project: ‘’Humorously Speaking’’

Assignment #2: ‘’Leave then with a smile’’

The Title: ‘’Single Bell’’

-As the speaker declared beforehand, it was very unique due to mixture with a Japanese phrase for this unique Christmas party style.

She explained the meaning of ‘’Single Bell” ( why not Jingle Bell) and the fact of a long time without a partner. She revealed the story of her sharp tongue humorously. She also picked up the famous violinist who she believed in having a very similar character.

The evaluator was TM KS (time 3’57”)

-TM KS commented that the speech was humorous and attracted the audience with a detailed story. Her face expression was great. Furthermore, the speaker made a nice comparison with an actual well-known person which gave a vivid image of the story.

  • Table Topics & Special session by TM TM

As the special event of Christmas meeting, TM TM chose 3 persons for making a small speech with accidentally selected ‘Action’, ’Place’ and ‘Time’. (For example, A candidate had to make a marriage proposal on the moon. etc)

Selected candidates are TM KK, TM MK and TM AT

-All the audience enjoyed such unexpected and not logical situation drama. Everybody was laughing at each other and drank cheerfully.