Meeting Report for 10th of Jan. 2018

【第284回例会レポート 2018年1月10日(水)19:00~21:00】


Ms, E.S moderate today’s session as TMOE, she may moderate a few times ( maybe first time ), but I was really impressed her attitude which is well organized, confident and attractive manner.

TM I.A prepared Today’s word “Happiness”, “Tranquility”, “Rapture”, “Euphoria” and “Bliss” which reflect new year.

First English prepared speech has been provided by TM T.H.
CC Manual: Project #3 “Get to the Point”
Title: Three lines

It is third speech from TM T.H, however I believe he has already established the own style. Especially, his vocal and smile is attracting many people into his speech. His speech is regarding three line diaries. First he explain what is three lines diary, then how to write diary every day, I was really surprised that he has continued diary for three years! Next he goes into own analysis of his diary, from my perspective this is key point of his message since he just not following the book but own perception to use diary. Then finally he has point out several benefit including mental stability.
I am sure member has been induced to start diary today!

Second English Prepared speech has been provided by TM A.T
CC Manual: Project #3 “Get to the Point”
Title: “What I talk about when I talk about running”.

First I have to confess that I can’t simply understand the title at first, it is something like riddle. But after TM A.T’s clear identification which is delivered by speech, I understand this is the message to communicate what is running, why people continue running and what is best approach to do something (not only running). First she has explained why running has advantage than other sports, then she has provided her own experience which give audience concrete evidence. Then she has provided several benefit of running which is not only physics but also mental. Finally she recommends to start something not in “Forced manner” but “Self-motivated manner”. I have totally agreed with her point, in the past, sometimes I was running but it is always something I just feel, “OK, I want to run” not “I have to run”

Third English prepared speech has been provided by TM T.M
CC Manual : Project #3 “Organize your speech”
Title : Three lines

TM T.M has been already accomplished CC manual and I believe he has exceptional speech/presentation skill. So it is good opportunity to see how TM T.M conducts basic speech. He has provided how to translated Japanese old expression “Shu Ha Ri” into business scope. Furthermore he has challenged this experiment in English! First he has explained what is “Shu Ha Ri”, although most of people has general understanding, I believe this is necessary to keep everyone on same page. Then he has divided task into two different type, one is standard operation and another is creativity. For standard operation, as process of improvement, “Shu Ha Ri” is the effective method, however for creativity purpose, it is necessary to achieve break through which someone can’t achieve so “Shu Ha Ri” is not appropriate method. We need to select the approach based on Situation, Goal and outcome.

Evaluation for TM T.H has been provided by TM K.H
TM K.H has pointed out TM T.H attitude such as smiling which I have totally agreed.

Evaluation for TM A.T has been provided by TM R.T
Coincidently TM R.T has provided similar speech as TM A.T which is CTA speech of running. Definitely they can promote running further in TITMC

Evaluation for TM T.M has been provided by TM A.O
TM A.O provide simple but yet Well-organized evaluation.

General Evaluation has been provided by TM G.K, he has provided evaluation in positive manner but yet on-target.



最初の準備スピーチはTM K.YさんからのSparkです。
High Performance Leadership Program
Project#2 Choosing Your Objective

High Performance Leadership Programはただスピーチを発表するだけではなく、活動を通して自らのリーダーシップを伸ばしていくCC, ACよりの先にあるプログラムです。TM K.YさんはToastmasterの全国大会を主催者の一人として活動するにあたり、どのように動機づけをしたか、キーワードである”Spark”を選んだかをわかりやすく説明してくれました。過去の教育経験を生かして、さらに大きな場所で自分の力を試してみる、基本的な道筋ではありますがやはり王道といえるのではないかと思います。

次の準備スピーチはTM K.AさんからのPasswaysを始める際にやるべきことです。
ACマニュアル プロジェクト#5 [Presenting a Technical Paper]


論評はそれぞれ TM N.Yさん、H.Sさんから提供されました。

TM N.Yさんは自身の経験を踏まえて、全員を巻き込んで進める大会は楽しそうとおっしゃっていたことが印象に残りました。またH.Sさんは3つのポイント、ゲストへホスピタリティ、目標達成・おしゃれなスライド・笑いについて的確に評価をしていました。

ベスト論評賞はTM K.Hさん
ベストスピーカーはTM T.Hさん